Thursday, August 10, 2017

Cantering ahead

He cantered softly into his sixth year and I sat down and looked at this boy - this man - with only wonder. In the forests that surround us, he has discovered the boldness inside of himself, the courage to ride the road ahead, even if it is fraught with obstacles and challenges. 

He is the connection in the dots that connect his brothers and he makes this band (of brothers) a team, quietly implementing the ideas (that his older brother has usually invented), giving each of them confidence (because they're doing it together and Paugie is fearless), leading by example rather than through words. 

The man you are becoming brings me so much delight. Thank you for being you, my Paugie boy. Keep growing, keep smiling, keep trying even when it seems impossible, keep loving with all your heart, keep alongside your brothers, helping them and relying upon them, keep looking for the Truth in all things (for you will always find it, if you look for it) and keep hoping, because you inspire hope in everyone around you. 


teona said...

Salute Declan.
You have my heart, boy 😘

Gwendolyn1946 said...

How beautifully you've said it. I too have seen the slow but definite morphing of little boy into little man in just a few short months. Fron training wheels to the absence thereof, from trepidation in walking the horse to trotting solo, from abject terror in descending a rocky hill on his pedal car to gleefully speeding down it. And the list goes on. What a blessing it is to have you all so near so I too can bear witness to his "cantering ahead".
Love you, dearest Pauge-Madauge.