Friday, March 28, 2014

Fantastic Four

These little men have captured my heart and they just keep making me fall more deeply in love with them each day, as I watch them care for one another. They grow every day - sometimes I think I can actually see it happening right in front of me - and watching them do it it alongside one another brings me so much joy. 

From today: 
Madigan as he looked at Kelton sleeping in my arms: "Oh, poor baby. He needs me." Then, once he had procured his prize into his arms: "Oh, Mommy, he's sooooooo cute." 
When Kelton and I snuggled into Paugie's tent to tuck him in for his naptime, Paugie wrapped his blanket securely around baby brother and stroked his wee head until sleep over came them both.
Jevy climbed over to the couch where I was holding baby K and threw himself on top of both us for some quality smothering and kisses. I think Kelton might have found it slightly overwhelming, at first, but he quickly adapted.  

Biggest to littlest

That tender heart

Happytown forever!

Mr. Incredible

To sleep: Fold yourself up

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Where'd you get that baby?

Our beloved Kelton Caleb joined in the family fun on March 21st, much to our delight. He's fully prepared to hold his own in this pack of brothers, weighing in at 10lbs, 6oz, and 22 inches tall. The labor and delivery with him was the best so far, with no complications. For those of you who care for such details, it was 8 hours long with 10 minutes of pushing. We stayed in the hospital for 24 hours and then were finally able to return home and start our new normal here with the whole gang. Kelton is incredibly peaceful, fussing only when he's hungry (well, starving, since you know you just can't feed a growing man enough), or needs to burp. I've had some trouble getting him to burp and when I mentioned it to Daddy, he said: "Well, he's got to have one flaw". Truly spoken. :-) I think the biggest danger we have with this addition to our family is getting absolutely nothing productive accomplished because he's just too dang cuddleable. I guess there are worse things in life.

When Madigan came to meet his littlest bro in the hospital, he said, "Oh, hi mom! Where'd you get that baby?" He was pretty excited to find out it was THE baby Kelton he'd been waiting on for so many weeks/months. Paugie ran toward me with a huge smile on his face, climbed onto the bed, grabbed the baby and said, "I want to hold it, Mommy!". He didn't let go until they left the hospital and the grin did not leave his face (until they left the hospital - at which point screaming abounded). He keeps telling everyone, "Shhh, quiet. My baby is sleeping". Jevy was slightly less than thrilled to have Mommy's and Daddy's (further) divided attention and did not immediately smother the little tyke in warm fuzzies. He is, however, adapting well and I think he's even starting to believe he's still rather profoundly loved, in spite of having the additional competition for affection/attention. His smile has returned and he's up to nothing but mischief as usual, while frequently stopping in at Mommy station for a kiss or hug as he's passing through.

George and I cannot believe how blessed we are/feel as we look around at these little men who seem to fully surround us now. Sure, there have been a few moments of total and absolute chaos, but those moments are quickly overtaken by the energy and wonder that accompanies this much boyhood in one place.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Waiting (while in constant motion)

As I sit here, I realize that I seem to be in a perpetual holding pattern of waiting (impatiently) for Baby K's entry into this world. His constant kicks and bounces are a reminder that he, too, is anxious for less restrained activity, though he apparently thinks that things are a little too comfy at this point to make any rapid entry into the unknown world that awaits him. So, here we await the arrival of this very-much-loved boy into our world.

Lochlan and Madigan are playing on the porch, in the sunshine, running dirt from one location to the next with their dump trucks and trains. Lochlan is in constant observation of his hero - big bro. He pushes his train, tentatively walking on those new-found legs of his, glancing up at the door every so often to make sure I'm marveling appropriately. Madigan burst through the door exclaiming, "Mommy, come see my footprints! They're wonderful!" The delight of such simple discoveries as one's own footprints in the dirt, is so infectious. To be so easily marveled is such a gift that children are blessed with. I pray, often, that I will be able to encourage that curiosity and wonder in these little hearts as they grow/learn in this life they are given.

Declan has been on a bumpy stretch of pathway in his life these past few weeks, with his own ideas (ideals?) challenging nearly every one else's. We've been consistently reminding him that there are some things that really are non-negotiable (like wearing clothing on a day of arctic temperatures), and there are some things that he has valid say in (i.e. he's entitled to his own opinions). That line is a tough one that we seem to each bump up against throughout our lives, but when you're two years old, it's just absurdly frustrating and difficult. His tender heart makes me smile constantly, even during the most trying portions of our day. He's always game for a good snuggle, hug, kiss, or act of kindness which he can bestow upon one of us. I actually think his eyes sometimes sparkle!

As Virginia and I hiked along a steep trail with Madigan last weekend, he started to lag behind slightly, chatting to himself quietly. Then, he looked up, moving into a gallop to catch up with us and said, "Not a good time to think." Yes, he's his father's son. Madigan's journey into maturity continues to astound me, but every so often he "regresses" into 4-year old-hood and I can't help but chuckle. A few days ago, after I chastised him for snatching a coveted toy from Declan in the car, he announced with a pungent scowl: "I'm going to get out of my car seat, sit on the floor and be disagreeable". I reminded him that such a decision might not go so well for him.