Monday, April 02, 2018

Office Space

Since my insanely talented hubby works remotely for a company based out of Miami, it quickly became clear that an office space separate from our house was going to be necessary. We hunted for a couple months and found an almost-new used shed for half it's original price and then George set about creating beauty from raw materials, using magic. :-) He set aside 4 feet on the length of the shed for me to use to store extra hay, but the rest of the shed is his very own man cave. 

This was just a bare bones typical storage shed just a couple weeks ago! He insulated all the walls and the ceiling. He used bead board on the walls and furring strips for the trim work. We found laminate flooring at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store for $35/total. It looks amazing. We found the desk, armoire (which he is going to build book shelves into), and couch at a local thrift store. 

His sofa is also a pull-out bed, so we can host two extra visitors who want a little extra privacy from the main house. 

If you zoom in on the photo, you can see his crafty, simple door frame, which I think looks amazing, and also his curtain rod, designed out of conduit piping. 

My mom took all the truck photos and they are stunning! 

And just to escalate awesome to spectacular... he added a hidden door between the office and the hay barn, should he need a larger access door into his office. He cut out the side of the building, originally and put in the sliding glass door, which is a little narrow to squeeze some items through. Now, I can sneak up on him from behind through my secret door and... 

Sunday, April 01, 2018

a thousand no's shall not prevail

Another 18 emails. Another 14 phone messages. I cried on the message machine. So hard I couldn't even get out my phone number. But, then, it doesn't matter because after all my emails and previous phone messages, I'm pretty sure they have my phone number already. "Please, my son is a 5 year old non-verbal boy trapped inside himself because no one knows how to unlock him (from himself). Please, help me. Please respond. Please call me back." And then, silently to myself, as I hung up, "you don't know him. You don't know what I know. He is beautiful. He is funny - so funny. He is passionate. He knows how to love. He smiles because there is joy inside of him that he shares with only himself because he doesn't know how to tell us what makes his heart sing. Oh, he tries... and we sometimes understand. He cries because he's sometimes forgotten in the chaos of life and his feelings are sometimes not taken into consideration because... well, he can't express them the way the rest of us can. He gets angry and we all suffer because we know he's angry but it's his hurt/frustration alone - so alone. He has conversations with Devany, in the barn, and it's obvious that they speak a language that none of us understand, but that they both deeply understand. Maybe, (how constantly, fervently I pray) maybe she will help unlock this Lochlan, this man without words to find his voice (whatever it may be)."

A thousand no's shall not prevail. I will keep fighting. Lochlan, you are never truly alone.

In those wee hours of the morning, I lie in bed and think of you. My fears often pose a sinister threat to my hopes/dreams for you and for the life I know (in my heart) that you are to have and the person you can be. My dear boy, fear shall not prevail. Hope will propel us forward and faith will guide us through the darkness we seem to walk ever forward in. We will keep walking forward.