Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The rain is pelting down...

The rain is pelting down outside; a much welcome reprieve from the drought we've been experiencing across the state for several months. The forests have reopened (closed due to fire danger) for the exploration of all who wish to wander and all the plants and trees are looking greener, fuller and more alive. We find ourselves increasingly drawn back into the woods, to frolic amidst the aspens, to search for waterfalls that are being reborn, to discover flowers that are finding life in abundance, and to lay on pine needles and talk about all things important and mundane.

I haven't written for a couple of months, though my thoughts have been interrupting the peace of daily rhythm, and though the experiences in this life have been plentiful. I find a deep fatigue rushing to find me each night, clouding mental clarity and removing the drive to write out what I see. As I review the countless photos that have cluttered my camera since my last entry, I am overwhelmed with the magnitude of wonder, heartache, magical happenings, impossible disappointments, life and even death that have filled these days between entries.

The entries to follow will be some attempt to recount a few of those, so that they will not be forgotten, so that my boys will read and hopefully remember their life in some of the daily, less obviously significant, yet deeply profound ways in which it has been experienced.