Monday, July 25, 2016

Stinky and hot

The toilet box (one benefit of bathroom renovation) has provided hours of entertainment and imagination stimulus (including countless death defying encounters), and inspired rousing songs from the local boy band (including "Stinky and Hot" - based on a true story). Each boy has needed Mama's paramedic services and kiss therapy for injuries sustained on the adventures. Energy levels are still astoundingly high in spite of the obvious fatigue that is creeping upon each of them, and there is a great deal of growling, howling, screeching, alongside laughter, shouts of jubilation and encouragement. The eldest leads the charge into each new chapter of their adventure, with Kelty unhesitatingly joining with boundless gusto. Paugie cautiously participates, usually incorporating the more serene aspects that every adventure is bound to benefit from. Jevy laughs at his brother's antics and plays along, but always to a pace all his own. 

As I listen and observe, I'm reminded of how peace can exist even amidst the seeming chaos (and noise). The happy faces reflect love for each other, enjoyment of life, and the excitement about what's next to unfold. I hope they always inspire those things in one another. In these weeks of seeming perpetual challenges, I am reminded that there is joy to be found in the smallest of things and there is a reason to anticipate what might - just might! - be around the next corner.

Today, I celebrate: 
Another day of toilet success for the Shmelty who decided it was time to become potty trained (day 4!). He's doing it all on his own and I'm quite proud. 
A full hour of snuggle time with Jevy, sharing Mama's decaf bulletproof coffee. Treasured moments are these. 
Another day to love on my Scottie (who has been given a grim diagnosis, thank you lymphoma) and watch her chase after the squirrel who has a death wish. 
A happy, healthy horse who trots to the car to see us each day, with soft neighs and a toss of her head. Never to be taken for granted. 
A Daddy who loves his boys fiercely (lots of growling, tosses upon the couch, galloping alongside them in footraces throughout the house), even amidst immeasurable stress and anxiety and who walks faithfully alongside me when the mountain climbs seem to have no end. 
The baby birds in the nest above Devany's feed bucket who peep their heads out enthusiastically, mouths wide open, hoping I'm the benevolent giver of worms. 
The mentally challenged chickens (who get discombobulated if their routine is askew by an inch) with their excitement in all things food. So incredibly funny. 
The tiny pear tree in the front yard with it's heavy fruit weighing it down. 

"Look Mama, it's Ankie Tae on a diving board!" Obviously.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

I blinked

At the end of most days, I climb into bed with the last of the energy afforded me, but I find an ache - a small ache - nagging me, forcing me to recount the day, to savor it's parts both difficult and rewarding. I know this season is that - but a season. In the midst of it, it's almost impossible to imagine it could end, that another season will take it's place, but I know all too well from history (the history of others that I've observed, and from my own personal history of childhood-adulthood) that not a day should be taken for granted. I comforted Madigan as he bumped his head on the lowest counter top in our house, marveling at how tall he was. Then, I blinked, and today I was wiping away his tears after he bumped his head on the highest counter top in our house (10 inches higher!). I forced back my own tears as I held him there in that moment, thankful that I am still the comforter, the one whose kisses still make things better, even just at the heart level. 

Moments to savor from the past couple days... 

 Hammock time with Gumbum

Introverts Unite! Auntie Jess with Jevy. 

Selfies with a finger up your nose are best.

Rain water. 

"Bundle made me did it." Famous last words.

Found a cell phone soaking in the toilet (thank you Kelty). Otter boxes have saved my bacon more than I care to admit.

Farmer's Market with Gumbum.

"Mama, you need to say excuse me." "Excuse me." Thoughtful pause... "it was a cute burp, though, Mama." Paugie, you might be the cutest thing that ever happened. 

Rain dance. 

Zoo day. 

Most of these photos gleefully stolen from Gwenn McCaleb