Monday, September 11, 2017

I've always wanted to live in a barn

So a straw bale house seems the perfect compromise. The 2+ acres that come with the house are the second most exciting addition to this overwhelming gift (#horsesinthebackyard). 

There is an inordinate amount of light and the house is passive solar, so it regulates the temperature with very little assistance. 

The indoor garden is the third most unbelievable and delightful part of this paradise. It is a self watering garden via the gray water from the house. There is a plant garden as well as a vegetable and herb garden. Yes please! 

There are over 300 flower bulbs planted in the outdoor garden area, with hundreds of wild flowers scattered amidst the aspen trees planted next to the house. 

The view of the Peaks will likely be our constant source of inspiration. 

All this house needs is a piano, a Scottish Terrier Terror and 4 young men to make it our home. 

Come visit and I'll make you some tea and scones; we can talk for hours and catch up on all that we have missed in lives lived many miles apart. 

We will be moving in this week, so come see us soon! There is a second adorable cabin on the property (not pictured above) which has two bedrooms, 2 bathrooms a full kitchen and living room. So bring the whole family and come stay with us!

And, true to form, I dislocated my shoulder 2 weeks ago. Moving time! The extra challenge is not always welcome, but alas, sometimes unavoidable. :-)