Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dressing two

We sat upon the hardwood floor, each wrestling a tiny boy into his bedtime attire, following contemporaneous poopers, and I realized how crazy we are and how much I love it! The rampant stares (and comments) of fellow customers when we enter stores remind me that other people think we're crazy, but it is only, at home, in these small moments of hilarity/effort/chaos that I fully embrace this reality. This house is full of crazy, but it is full of so much life. I. Love. It.

I overheard this from the Tiger: "Paugie, when you grow up to be older like me, you will be very wise too." Thus saith wise old Bundle.

The Tiger was gimpy on the way to bath time tonight, but in his reticence to address the removal of a splinter (Oh, the dread!), he said, "If I just walk like this, it'll be fine." I reminded him that he would ultimately be crippled if he walked on one leg indefinitely. Though his notion of crippled is apparently rather extreme, his response reflects how deeply he doesn't wish to have splinters removed: "I'll be fine with holes in my body".

Paugie is ever reflective of the beauty that surrounds him. I watched him patting Kelton on the head today and saying, "you're wonderful like the waterfall, Shmelty". Watching him splash through the puddles and scream in delight as the cold water rushed out of the underground spring... these moments are constant reminders of the heart that lies within this little person. Today, he glanced over to see me lie back onto the couch (I pretend to relax, sometimes) and rushed over with his blanket in tow, and said, "Mommy, I want to snuggle". Yes. Let's!

As I was looking both directions at a stop sign, waiting for traffic to subside, Jevy let out a deep growl and when I glanced back, his sparkling blue eyes were staring at me and he laughed out loud. I growled back aggressively, and he responded with another growl and then another outburst of laughter. I reached back to give his leg a little squeeze and he patted my hand heartily and then held it fast. My heart is yours my boy.

We ended our outings today with a visit to see this great face. We see her every day, and yet I wake up each morning with a craving to smell her "horsey" smell and rub my hands through her mane. 

We wore him out.