Sunday, June 28, 2009

Are we there yet?

What to write? We have begun our new life in Tennessee. Kris started his new job the day after we arrived and is becoming more familiar with his lab and co-workers. I began feverishly filling out job applications and after 16 interviews in 2 weeks, was offered a position on campus (near Kris!), and will be starting my new job this week. So we may be homeless, but we're employed! :-)

"Highlights" of the past two weeks:
Watching Fancy and Sedona grazing in 6 acres of green pasture
Spending hours talking with Lisa and Virginia about gardens, cooking, family...
The little fawn who keeps popping out of the bushes at the farm and tempting me to catch it and keep it as my own
Walking through the "Vanderbilt underworld": an underground tunnel where all roads Vanderbilt eventually connect
Learning my way around this town with all it's curvy roads
Family camp where we got to see Grandma and Grandpa from Brazil and our Wise friends
Getting lost in the woods while riding Fancy; it was misty with drops of rain clinging to the ferns and making a soft patter in the trees overhead - so peaceful - it very much mirrored my mood that day and Fancy seemed to understand my need to be there with her, quietly

I'm trying to look ahead, for now, as looking back creates this dull ache. I guess that is to be expected when deep roots are uprooted and replanted; there is always pain, mixed with hope.