Thursday, June 19, 2014

I'm sorry to be breaking hearts...

With three of my (four) little men sleeping, I find a moment to process this day/these days and reflect on the wonder that is my life. So much in this season is fraught with fatigue and monotony, and yet for reasons I cannot explain it is, deeply, the happiest time of my life.

A glimpse:

Lochlan has been in throws of teething (again) and hence sleep does not readily claim him. In addition, though, we've felt that he needs more one-on-two (boy + parents) time with us. His little voice is not often heard above the rather noisy (and almost constant) bantering of his two older bros, and we discovered a nugget of awesome when he was given time/opportunity to express himself. He is all smiles, busyness, and chattering! So much fun! Last night, in this late hour rendezvous with us, he walked up to Kelton, who was sound asleep next to me on the couch. He patted (rather indelicately) Kelton's belly with his beefy paws and with a smile, said, "I wu(v) you". In addition to being utterly loving and easy going, he's also addicted to crack - as in, bum crack. We have to keep him in a onesie and shorts at ALL TIMES, or he's exploring, without even realizing he's doing it. Makes changing his diaper extra challenging as well. Hopefully this will be a short-lived fetish.

Declan - crabby cakes - has been expressing his more undesirable brown bear traits of late (and I thought "terrible twos" was a myth!). Our daily themes in Paugie-land: Whine and Dine (incorrect utensil offered, food unacceptable, temperature unsatisfactory, timing of meal inconvenient, etc.), "Whine not" whine all the time, "Whine can't you stop" (Mommy has indeed resorted to begging for a reprieve). I've even caught him "practicing" his whine/squeal, while playing happily in another room by himself - I suppose it behooves us to perfect every skill in life. He just entered the room to inform me that he's choking because his milk is not a warm steamer with honey. Service is falling pitifully short of expectations around here. I frequently quote Pride and Prejudice: "I'm sorry to be breaking so many hearts, but I have no intention of yielding". In spite of the grumpy bear within, this little boy with honey brown curls steals my heart over and over each day with his helpfulness and his tender loving kindness toward each of us expressed in so many little ways. Currently, he is pressed tightly up against me in a fierce snuggle. Oh, and warning: his most recent (and probably future) fashion plan does not include pants, and they are usually lost while on the run, with some dramatic flare.

Kelton is purely delightful - he can't help it! He's very aware of the goings-on of his big brothers and is often smiling in enthusiasm at their antics. He's "graduated" to bathing in the big red pot, which is a big deal in the life of every McGary boy. He squeals when he's frustrated/starving, but rarely actually fusses. He just balls up his fists and lets out a feisty squeak. He's fascinated by letters and designs and will stare without blinking, taking it all in. And his final touch to all things is his little half smile which is a sure fix for any recipient's bad day. Happy has hit the planet and we're all affected.

And for the bucket full of Tiger tales from this week: "Mommy, Paugie is not setting a good example for me, so I have to take off my pants." Hmmm... "Great graciousness, I love you." Good golly, where do you learn these words? "Paugie, let's think about each other for a while - then we'll sleep." Ah, the tedium of considering one another is the sure to cure the sleepless. "Mommy, I will be so disappointed if you don't obey me." And yet, I am unmoved. "Go on, Paugie. Mommy won't be happy with you, but I will be happy with you." Wicked first born. :-) At bedtime, the quiet was suddenly interrupted: "Paugie, No." "Bundle, Yes." and so on so forth. I investigated only to discover that they were indeed arguing for the sake of argument, alone. Humanity.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Rain and Happiness

The little men are restless - it just started to rain again and it is beckoning them to come splash in the puddles, race their dump trucks through the mud and get utterly soaked through. This morning's 3 hour romp just wet (Ah Hah!) their appetites. We're on our third outfits for the day and Mommy has resorted to bribing them indoors with warm vanilla steamers. We may be headed for outfit(s) #4...

Vanilla steamers 
Captain, Team Awesome


That's his SCHNAUGE face.

That's his "all the time" face.


Rain run happiness.


Splashing goodness


Soaking wet Tiger

This boy...

In serious thought...

Those baby blue eyes

These random moments of love just melt my heart.

End all things on a good great note!