Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My beautiful Devany

It's hard to express just how much delight this horse brings me. She will be three this coming May, which means SADDLE TIME! I will probably wait until August to actually ride her, since I have quite a bit more ground work I'd like to do with her pre-riding (work I haven't been able to do since being pregnant). She has her momma's sweet nature and her father's boldness, so I think she's going to be SUPER FUN to ride/spend my life with. She is incredibly curious about everything and so far I haven't found anything that she's truly terrified of (always a good thing with regard to a 1000 lb. critter that you're planning to sit on top of). Every day when I go see her I imagine what it will be like to take her on a long ride through the woods. The stuff (my) dreams are made of. :-)

(Thank you to Elizabeth Larum for the photos!)

Don't use that shampoo

While holding up my bottle of Aussie Mega shampoo, Madigan informed me: "Mommy, you can't (with a British accent) use this shampoo anymore."  When I queried him for the reason, he replied. "Because kangaroos make it." Still perplexed, I asked him why that would be a problem and he said, "They use too much garlic (again, with a British accent)." So, consider yourself warned.

Paugie started doing the potty dance, so I trotted him off to use the "facilities". As he stood there, he looked up at me and said, "Mommy, it won't come out. It just doesn't want to." I encouraged him to "keep trying" and maybe it would come. He said, "No, Mommy, it's happier inside." I guess he knows best.

Jevy has been practicing his mountain climber skills, with the assistance of the very obliging crazy white dog, any accessible couch/chair, bookshelves and anything that is tall enough to give him a boost. I think a helmet is in order for permanent future use - maybe I'll let him take it off when he goes to college - because his head is the perpetual victim of his unending shenanegans.

I know this a common observation among parents, but it is utterly astounding how different these three siblings are from one another. A few examples from this week: The wheels in Madigan's head are in CONSTANT motion (a trait from his father, perhaps?).  When I put him down to "rest" (given that he's been anti-nap since his arrival into this world - including in utero), he emerged 5 minutes later and said, "Mommy, I can't rest. My thinking won't stop." Jevy's linebacker physique gives him an edge in this world of older brothers, but he is almost too happy/easy going to use it to his advantage. He follows his brothers around, mimicking them and laughing with them, but rarely fusses about things not going his way. He doesn't just need to be cuddled multiple times daily, he needs to climb all over you, smothering you with kisses, patting your head with his massive paws and giggling. Sometimes, he will just climb on top of you and lay his head on your shoulder. He's super happy and super busy for the majority of his day. Paugie is sensitive (both negatively and positively), caring/kind, keenly aware of others (and their needs) around him and highly opinionated. Sometimes, when I hand him his cup of milk, he will stubbornly refuse to take it, but if I ask him to please take the other cups to his brothers as well, he'll happily take the brothers their cups and then accept his own. He always needs to feel useful/helpful. Anytime I'm wiping the countertop, sweeping the floor, or doing the laundry, he asks to help and doesn't stop helping until the task is finished. If I yawn he says, "Mommy, you tired?" They each show their own level of awareness in their surroundings: Madigan, to details - astounding details - that he doesn't miss. Lochlan, to the whereabouts of (all) his people at all times. Paugie, to the actions/emotions/needs of others.
(Thank you to Elizabeth Larum for the photos below)


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My excuses to wake up in bad mood

disappeared when I saw these precious faces this morning.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Gettin' my Nashville on... (sort of)

I blame this infernal dismal weather, but yesterday I couldn't help myself.

Since moving to Tennessee, I've struggled with what I perceive to be "southern charm" - syrupy sweetness that is only surface deep. I've met so many incredibly (way incredibly) sweet people who greet me warmly, but don't have time for meaningful relationships that hold depth. Enough of that soap box... that's just background.

As I marched through Costco on a mission and a desired time frame by which to complete that mission, I saw a lady farther up in the isle stop a perfect stranger and tell her hi, and how much she wanted to bless her. The other lady clearly found the moment awkward, being caught off guard and not knowing exactly how to respond; she moved along as quickly as she politely could. I knew "blessings woman" would stop me because people just seem to have a harder time walking past me without staring, commenting, smiling or cringing these days thanks to my protuberant waistline (who am I kidding - the waistline long since disappeared - let's go for abdomen). I whizzed by her, hoping for escape, but to no avail. As I passed her, she exclaimed, "Well, hi there!" (as if we'd known one another for years). I spun around and lit up my face in an exuberant smile, as I would upon seeing a dear friend from the past. I exclaimed, "Oh my gosh, hi!" Then, I ran up and hugged her and said, "How are you? It is SO INCREDIBLY GREAT to see you!". A troubled look washed over her face and she stuttered, "Oh... yeah... I... I just wanted to bless you." Pause... I re-assured her, "It is so wonderful to see you, again." I left her hesitantly as I would a dear friend, while I watched her rush her husband along, and as quickly out of Costco as she could. It is unnerving to wrestle with "how" you know someone and where you know them from when you just have absolutely no recall on the matter.

I did feel (slightly) cruel and I was terribly delighted at the same time. If I'm going to be universally charming, it better be sincere and not (deeply) meaningless.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Mud, boogers and other boy stuff

This Arizona girl is taking advantage of every moment of sun I can get on this warm winter day. I've realized, lately, how much the dreary (and unreasonably cold, if you ask me) weather affects my general outlook on life. So, if a sunny day stalks up on us, we're sure to be found on the porch, basking (or playing, as it were) in the rays.

Madigan is filling his wagon with dirt, thanks to the help of his trusty dump truck, while Paugie digs a "mote" next to the castle he built in the dirt pool. Jevy is tasting the tractor - delicious! Each of them has come to me to comfort one injury or another (so far, I've kissed the bottom of a very dirty foot, dug mud out of somebody's ear, and washed plant particles out of somebody's mouth) but all-in-all, this outdoor activity center has been a success today. When Paugie came up to wipe his paws on my clean shirt, that moment of sheer disbelief/irritation passed quickly enough as I reminded myself that it's just a shirt and it's actually pretty great that he thinks of Mommy as his general go-to for what's needed. I know it won't always be that way, so I'm going to treasure these days.

This morning, the boys came in to "stuggle" (according to Paugie) before getting on with the day. Madigan was sneezing, so I asked him if he wanted to blow his nose. After he declined, I said, "it sounds like you've got some boogers you need to blow out." He confidently informed me, "No, I don't have any boogers. I ate them all." George and I looked at each other with a weighty pause (perhaps in disbelief?) and then burst into laughter. George: "TMI!"