Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The Texas fun continues...

In spite of catching some terrible nastiness (hello stuffy noses, hacking coughs, sleepless nights and crabby kids), we're still having a blast! Miraculously, we have beaten this bug about 80% faster than predicted (by other local folks also at war with the bug), because NOTHING is going to stop us from relishing every moment we have on this Texas adventure. Tonight we took a little outing to the barn to breathe in fresh air, tour back-roads for the scenic drive (ahhh, the wide open spaces, happy cattle, grassy fields) and play in wheelbarrows.

All photos shamelessly stolen from beloved Ankie Tae.

Truck buddies.

Hold on to your bro. 

Band of brothers -  Turkeydog and McGary boys - Friends 4 ever

Man + dog + barn = slice of heaven.

Tw(o)o cool cats. 

Barn boys.