Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Little" Luxuries

• Paris poster in my office - a glimpse of another world
• Being loved by a big bay horse
• Tea and conversation with my George
• A glimpse of the delicate, through Valiant
• Hardy plant on my porch which isn’t hindered by the cold
• 1776 – great book, so much history
• Chocolates on my pillow – what a marvelous small group we have
• The smell of a leather saddle in my closet
• Red apple decorations all over the kitchen - home
• Piano keys which make magic with little effort
• Sweet note from my great aunt
• Sunshine on a cold day
• Hot bath for achy shoulders
• Calendar spotted with opportunities to be with people I love

Friday, January 23, 2009

Winter Before Spring... Again

I've been sitting with my hands poised over the keyboard for a very long while, wanting to say so many things, knowing that my words are concretely inadequate to convey what is needed. There are so many others who knew her much better, for much longer. And yet, it is a deep loss I feel, a void on this earth and in my heart, that has been left by her departure to meet Jesus face to face.

I have been again reminded that death seems final, but is in actuality a beginning. Even on this earth, after winter comes spring - I've always thought that God probably designed the seasons in part as a reminder. We may reach the winter of life on earth, but spring and the new beginning follows directly behind it.

"I love you Mama Lynn and know I am blessed to be in the fold of your family. I will not forget that every person is His creation and that every day matters in the Kingdom of God. You taught me that."

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Highlights of 8 Years Together

That's impossible... there is too much to list! So, I'll just note a few things I remember with great fondness from the past 8 years.

The infamous first kiss on our wedding day.
My first glimpse of our first little house in Maryland which sat smack dab in the middle of a horse farm.
Watching B-Bop "chase the foxes" in the fields.
Kris became George.
Our small group of young marrieds at the Baptist church in Maryland.
1 week vacation up the Oregon coast, just the two of us.
Going to Brazil together.
Living life in Austin, together.
Our Austin small group and the marvelous friends who have become family to us.
Endless hours of conversation while sipping hot tea, together. (Do you think we'll ever run out of things to talk about? We'll probably run out of tea first.)
Loving Madison and Valiant, together.
Learning to play Battlefield 1942 (a computer game), together.
Hiking Havasu together.
Riding Wilbur and Fancy, together.
Watching George defend his doctoral dissertation.

I asked George yesterday what his perfect day would look like. His answer: "It would be any normal day, when I get to wake up next to you."

Happy Anniversary George!