Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Propulsion Part II

Life passes with continued propulsion these days, and I find myself trying desperately to savor EACH special moment, capture it, store it away for future reflection. Alas, it is but bits and pieces that I actually end up restoring to my memory at the end of the day. Somehow that doesn't dim the wonder of sharing my life with these little men and when my day does finally slow (at least theoretically) I realize joy - deep joy - at the constant state of learning I find myself in, by watching, knowing and loving them, each one.

Lochlan, the Happytown, has been mesmerizing me with his little tender moments splattered throughout the day. It's the snuggle against my chest whenever I pick him up, the smile that erupts when we call his name or sing his "happytown song", the slobbery-teeth-filled kisses all over my chin when I lean in to kiss him, the army crawl across the floor to get to whatever room "his people" are in (a complicated task with two big brothers always in a flurry of action from one room to the next), the way he just wants to be held close - it is the fastest way to soothe any anxiety or pain.

He is daily becoming more skilled. He has mastered the art of feeding himself and is quite adept at it! I gave him a pancake this morning, and when he was finished we discovered that only 2 small pieces had escaped his chubby grasp toward the mouth. Good work son! Today, I read him a few stories and he aggressively reached forward for me to turn the pages, obviously excited about what was next. He is NOT A FAN of the stroller. So to the hipster pack we go for every family outing. When he's in the pack, I consistently find myself playing with his ears when I'm thinking, or just distracted, and he doesn't mind. He must realize it's an expression of endearment. Tonight, Daddy was running around the house with him in his arms, chasing the big brothers as fast as they could go. Lochlan waved his hands when he wanted Daddy to go and when they stopped to tickle this boy or that, Lochlan would reach out (for hair or whatever he could grab) and giggle. If only Daddy had a little more stamina, I could have watched this all night! :-)

Even though his teeth are making him immeasurably miserable, he continues to be our constant source of delight and I tell him each day that God knew this world needed more light, so he created Lochlan to fill it with joy.

Monday, July 08, 2013


With trepidation and anticipation, I look at these three little men in our lives and watch their minds explore, absorb and develop. Example A (hint: he's really handsome):

As we inched our way down a steep trail in the rain, I reminded Madigan to slow down lest we both make a hasty decent we did not intend; "Careful peanut... you're pulling hard." He quickly agreed: "Yes, Mommy. I'm pulling you with propulsion". My thoughts exactly... and how Mr. 3 year old do you even know that word???

"Mommy, you're a really good cooker." Announcement following a tasting session by the kitchen staff this evening. My heart is still in a puddle on the kitchen floor.

Through tears, my sweet Tiger assured me that Paugie didn't intend to hurt him: "It was an accident, Mommy. Paugie bashed and crashed into my head but it wasn't his fault. He's a kind brother." And he was right...

"Mommy, are you going to save Lochlan?" Considering how he views naptime, his perspective of my responsibility (instant response) when the brothers awaken from that which we don't speak of, makes sense!

As I attempted a nap this afternoon (living the dream, so to speak), a frisky, wiggly tiger climbed in next to me. I asked him if he was done playing with his trains and he looked at me intently before answering: "I think we need to cuddle. Will you please hold me close, Mommy?"  He didn't have to ask twice.

There often seems to be a disconnect between the little man's physical activities and the happenings of his mind. His mind can be completely absorbed in something (and I do mean completely), but he may be simultaneously de-stuffing a couch, remodeling a room, cleaning a surface, etc. Just things you would expect from a man of (constant) action. :-) 

Example B and Example C to follow in future posts... wait for it!