Sunday, August 07, 2016


Yesterday, I said goodbye to my Woodeech. I will love you forever.

Friday, August 05, 2016

Before I say goodbye

My old friend, as I watched you struggle tonight to get up the stairs, I felt a massive part of my heart crack because the agony of losing you seems, right now, more than is bearable. I know - your outrage at the squirrel was dimmed this morning, and today you pressed yourself against my leg and sighed and I felt you saying goodbye - your time is incredibly short and I know you are holding onto life because it's what you were created to do. We, humans, are never prepared for the inordinate way you take over our hearts or the subsequent and inevitable gravity/pain of losing you. How can I face the next chapter in life without you?

You were only three weeks old when I first met you and held you in my hands - so tiny and so completely you. The spark that resonates inside of you was what destined us for each other; I couldn't help but fall in love with you, and only you. You picked me and nothing has ever changed. :-)

You pranced into our lives with your little pink coat, daring any/all to tell you what to do. We discovered rather quickly that you were fearless and thus you earned your name - Princess Valiant - very quickly upon your adoption into our family.

You've entertained us with your endless antics - "Very, very tweet and wicked" we always say. 

You're classic and stylish, and I've always been so proud to have you by my side as my canine companion in all these seasons of life we've shared together. You're the most beautiful Scottie ever made. 

Your red blanket - bright and full of color just like you. I laughed so hard this past Christmas watching you gallop around the snow in the Arizona mountains and I am so glad you were there with me on that adventure. I never could have imagined it would be our last trip together. We played hard and those memories are some I will treasure always. 

You've been there to welcome each of our babies into the world and into your home and heart. You have been loyal and patient with each of them, always keeping a safe distance so as not to have to bite them should they pull your tail or step out of line where they ought not. You've helped them to understand their roles (at the bottom of the pack, of course) and responsibilities (it's no secret that we all tick to your tock). 

You and your little twinkle toes, always putting on a show, greeting every one at the door with so much enthusiasm. You've mesmerized the neighbor girl who was always incredibly shy - she cannot walk past you without saying hello and giving you a pat because you absolutely insist! You might be bossy, but nobody minds doing your bidding because it's you. 

As I watch your journey coming to an end, I find myself clinging so tightly to the memories - all the memories. You are too far away, already, and I keep wondering what the road ahead can possibly look like without you trotting ahead, as you have done these past 10 years. I love you my Woodeech.

Texts that Ankie Tae and I have frequently sent back and forth to each other over the years, just to bring a smile to our faces : [some of your nicknames] 
"Inawiddowun dat wuvs and wuvs and wuvs"
"Oh dat tweet sang"
"Sheeze wicked and very, very tweet" 

And we dist wuv. So. Much.

infectious vigor and life,

Half of a decade has changed us profoundly

I have been completely enthralled with you since you came into our life a half a decade ago. You surprised us from the moment you entered into our world, and you have not stopped surprising us with your effervescent joy, your kindness to others (particularly your brothers), your delight in all things seemingly small and insignificant (by others), and your enthusiasm about what could lie ahead. 

I was filled with a sadness that we had so little we could give you for your birthday this year, but when you opened your tiny gift, your eyes sparkled with absolute joy and you abundantly thanked us throughout the remainder of the evening, saying, "Mama and Daddy, I LOVE my present!" You expect nothing, it seems, so every day is a gift to you and every gift, no matter how small, is profound and treasured. We all, in this world, have so much to learn from you. 

The things you say so sincerely each day bring me delight and persistently have me giggling. "Mama, you are a burping genius!" you proudly announced after a particularly un-lady-like moment on my part. Then, when I accidentally gave your cup of milk to Kelty (who already had one), you laughed out loud and said, "You just had a whoopsie daisy Mama! I love you!" Please tell me I can grow up to be as sweet as you someday. 

We all adore you and you filled our lives with what we didn't even know was missing, when you were born. 

Our Paugie Boy...