Monday, May 24, 2010

Fist sandwich, etc.





Something wonderful came bouncing into our lives! Guess who?




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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We finally had to break down and purchase a crib... we were so excited when we found this one on craigslist! The boy has slept in it ever since. It has been a relief to have him not only in his own room, but in his own crib.

I was absolutely determined before he was born that he would NOT sleep in our bed. That ultimatum collapsed the first day he was home from the hospital. It allowed us a few precious hours of sleep during a severe shortage. :-) However, we were both anxious for him to transition into independent boyhood and start sleeping in own bed. When he finally got to the point where he could calm himself down when he was upset, we decided to give it a try. He is sleeping through the night all by his onesies now, and we are uber happy with him! Such a big boy.



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Oh Help!

Boys need their sleep. And then we have Mr. Independent standing on his own two feet (a little help from Auntie VA doesn't count against his independence, right?). He's so determined! Oh, and then of course, there's Daddy teaching him the finer things in life: computer games.



Monday, May 17, 2010

Progress Report

As spring slowly slips into summer, I find myself wishing there were about 4 hours more to each day for all that I wish I could accomplish. I diminish my frustration by reflecting on the "little" things:

My newly planted/growing garden
My growing boy who seems happy and brings so much joy into our lives
Finishing 5 out of 7 classes necessary to complete my paralegal certification - only 1 more month to go!
My horses' healthy coats and a baby horse on the way(?!)

And for Madigan's progress report we have:

3 month count: 16 lbs. 8 oz., 26.5 inches long = 95th percentile... what can we say, he's a tall boy!
He's learning his alphabet. He was collapsing in a fit of despair every time I put him in his carseat so I made some letters for him to look at whilst wasting away in the backseat. He loves them! We sing the alphabet song (which he hums along to) while I'm buckling him into the carseat, then he keeps staring at the letters and "talking" while we drive.
We sang songs on the way to the barn this morning (Amazing Grace, Jesus Loves me, Alphabet Song, It is Well, to name a few)- he mostly listened, but sometimes chimed in his own little hum.
He's standing on his own, as long as someone is there to balance him. He insists on standing!
He loves to hang upside down... so funny! Starts giggling when we swing him upside down.
And, he's doing "sit ups" in the carseat, pulling himself forward to grab his toes. He refuses to sit back and relax because a boy must always be working out, you know?
Oh, and did we mention that he's teething? What fun! Two teeffies trying to force their way out of those little gums. We're using the magic homeopathic teething tablets that Danielle recommended to soothe his red gums, and they are WONDERFUL!




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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Luvin this boy

Loving this boy comes so easily. There are so many things about being his mommy that I just love. The smiles in the morning, followed closely by the cuddling into my neck with his little face. The kickin' exercise routine he completes everytime he's getting his diaper change. The sweet sounds he makes - his laugh is incredible! His love of the outdoors - nothing cheers him up faster than walking outside or swinging from the rafters (in his carseat :-) in the barn. His love of letters... he's positively mesmerized by them. His cooing about this and that because there's just so much to say. His insatiable curiosity about everything. His love of mommy's pathetic singing - it's crazy how hard it can be to sing the alphabet song after so many years - who knew?

And then, there's of course the whining, the burpin'-time-blues, the teething (can it really already be upon us?), the death grip on mommy's hair at most opportune times, the fits (can we call them temper tantrums yet?) of rage about this and that, the "I'm stuck in the carseat AGAIN and wish someone knew how much I suffer" mantra that is sung all too frequently as we travel hither and thither together. But, you know, I wouldn't take away any of it, because he's just too marvelous.

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A boy and his daddy

I think these pictures do a great job of showing how much Madigan adores his daddy. Incidentally, it's mutual! Aren't they precious?!