Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Luvin this boy

Loving this boy comes so easily. There are so many things about being his mommy that I just love. The smiles in the morning, followed closely by the cuddling into my neck with his little face. The kickin' exercise routine he completes everytime he's getting his diaper change. The sweet sounds he makes - his laugh is incredible! His love of the outdoors - nothing cheers him up faster than walking outside or swinging from the rafters (in his carseat :-) in the barn. His love of letters... he's positively mesmerized by them. His cooing about this and that because there's just so much to say. His insatiable curiosity about everything. His love of mommy's pathetic singing - it's crazy how hard it can be to sing the alphabet song after so many years - who knew?

And then, there's of course the whining, the burpin'-time-blues, the teething (can it really already be upon us?), the death grip on mommy's hair at most opportune times, the fits (can we call them temper tantrums yet?) of rage about this and that, the "I'm stuck in the carseat AGAIN and wish someone knew how much I suffer" mantra that is sung all too frequently as we travel hither and thither together. But, you know, I wouldn't take away any of it, because he's just too marvelous.

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gwendolyn said...

OH OH OH can I even stand it another second...this interminable being SO hideously FAR and AWAY from someone I love so???????????????????

Dustin and Tiffany said...

I know what you mean! How can something so small take up the most room in your heart? I still think you have never loved until you become a mother!

kmac said...

you're a fabulous mom.