Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cucumber/Zucchini Salad

Here is a fun summer salad, if you're looking for something different, but still refreshing.

2 medium cucumbers OR zucchini (depending on your preference), chopped into small pieces
1 cup feta cheese
6 Tablespoons olive oil
2 Tablespoons fresh basil, finely chopped
Thin strips of lime zest (rind) + 1/2 teaspoon fresh lime juice
Salt and Pepper to taste
(Optional): 1 tomato, finely chopped

Hungry and Handsome

When Madigan was little, we always told him he was handsome. I'm sure we've not done ourselves any favors in doing so, but gosh, we just couldn't help it!

Not to be denied his own "h" nickname, Declan swiftly earned "Hungry" as his signature title (he's also called "Wonderful", but since it doesn't start with an "h" it is not currently up for discussion).

I think this picture really says more than I could try to explain with words.

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You melt my heart lil' boy...

Photos by Auntie K
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Friday, April 20, 2012

Devany - 11 months

I love this sweet little horse.

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That Crazy White Dog

We call her Sabina, our Crazy White Dog, but she's way more than just that. She loves her boys and is the best shepherd any mom could ask for.

Last week, two guys came to our farm to pick up some hay that I was selling. They were very kind and polite and Sabina treated them cautiously as she always does, but she was friendly to them. I had Madigan with me and as we were leaving they offered to give us a ride down the hill where I would open the gate for them to leave. I hopped out of the truck, holding Madigan, opened the gate, returned to say goodbye to them and then walked back to lock up the barn. That was when I realized that Sabina wasn't in the field. I turned just in time to see her running alongside their vehicle as fast as she could go. I called for her, but their trailer was rattling so much that she couldn't hear me. So, I ran to my truck and called the guy on his cell phone, letting him know that my dog was following him. He had already gotten almost to the next intersection where the main road starts. He stopped and sure enough there she was, right beside his truck.

I stood at the top of the hill, calling for her and though she heard me, she didn't immediately come. Then, I place Madigan down on the ground where she could see him from the distance and she came galloping back to us as quickly as she could. She ran up to Madigan, sniffed him from head to toe and then did it again, as if to see if he was in one piece and alive. I told her she was a good dog, placed her back in the field and headed for home. The guy called me back a few minutes later and said, "You better keep that dog. She thought your son was in the car with me and she wasn't going to let me out of her sight." She's definitely something special.

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Man and his horse

Madigan tends to obsess about the care we give Devany: hay, grain, water, "coat" (blanket), top pasture vs. bottom pasture, whether or not she has company for the night or is all alone, etc. Last week we went out to do chores, but we were changing the routine slightly in preparation for adding a new horse to the mix. We decided to leave Devany in the top pasture, while turning the two grown up horses into the larger pasture, below. As we were leaving, having completed our evening chores, Madigan hopped into the truck and proceeded to have a complete meltdown. He was frantically screaming, "Devs, Devs, Devs", so I asked him what was wrong? He was so distraught he couldn't immediately convey his concerns, but just kept repeating her name. I assured him that Devany was fine and even unbuckled him from his carseat so that he could see for himself that she was indeed alive and well.

He continued to whimper, though, and said, "Devs, hay". I showed him her full hay bag, hanging near her. Then he said, "Devs, Gain". I told him I had given her her grain earlier and she had already finished it all. Then, "Devs, water". I took him over to see her full water bucket. But he was still not completely consoled. Finally I said, "Bundle, Macchiato (the goat) and Crazy White Dog will be with Devany tonight, watching out for her and keeping her company. She won't be alone. See, they're right there beside her." He paused, took a long look and said, "White Dog". He must have finally been convinced that we had provided Devany with the appropriate care, because he stopped crying and told me he was ready to go home.

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WillYummy ~ 8 months

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Friday, April 06, 2012


When it was raining yesterday afternoon, Madigan looked out and saw the puddles forming. He said, "Bath. God." I said, "Yes, God is giving the earth a bath." He smiled, knowingly.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

We're having a garden party!

Which we take very seriously around here. Well, at least Declan seems to think so.

Gardening season is beginning and we started our seedlings last week. Much to our delight they seem to be excited about growing... hopefully they're equally excited about producing lots of wonderful veggies for us this summer!

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Every man needs a Hun(Hun)

This boy goes everywhere with his Hun-Hun. Krista caught these photos of him one afternoon when they went out for a stroll in the woods. I will always treasure these photos because they capture so much of the "stuff" I love about this boy... the quick smile, the love of the outdoors, the man in constant motion... etc.

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