Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chasing Dinosaurs

The whimpers of my youngest, as he wrestled in his sleep against the pain from his new tooth, awakened me from a deep slumber. I reached into his bed to see if he was awake and though he clearly wasn't, he pressed his face against my hand. In the darkness, I stoked his head, smoothing his hair back from his face and savoring his soft cheek. These (often) sleepless nights are strangely some of the sweetest and most meaningful and there is no rush in my heart for any alteration. 

Jevy is clambering across my lap, throwing his massive self around me. He giggles as I wrestle him onto the floor and try to re-locate my computer which disappeared in the kerfuffle. While I was reading this afternoon, he closed my book, looked at me intently, then re-closed the book when I re-opened it. The intensity of his expression finally made me look up and he broke into loud laughter and started clapping his hands. I grabbed him suddenly and he went limp with laughter and pressed himself against me. These small, incredible moments are THE moments! His subtle, but insistent, desire to connect and love are so beautiful - they are what make him truly remarkable! 

We've been reading through "The Long Winter", by Laura Ingalls Wilder, and it makes our current winter hibernation feel dramatically minimal. Madigan noted how warm we are when we arise in the mornings - an amenity we take for granted all too quickly. Though I thoroughly enjoy the story, observing his keen interest, as he hunkers down into the couch wrapped tightly in a blanket, brings me great joy! When our reading commences, he proceeds to live out the wild plottings of his imagination, allowing the story to unfold in the midst of our mundane (reality). :-) 

Paugie has been chasing dinosaurs around the kitchen all day - effective way to embrace this snowy house-bound day. He and his big bro traipsed around making snow roads on the back porch this morning until the cold crept into their bones and chased them indoors with ravenous appetites for hot tea and warm muffins. All muffin credit goes to Paugie, whose kitchen repertoire this week also includes soup, pancakes, kale chips and several cups of hot tea (for Mama). His incessant chatter sometimes makes me slightly batty (PLEASE, one thought to myself!), but I find in the (rare) moments of silence, I long for his soft voice whispering all of his sweet nothings and somethings. 

Monday, February 09, 2015

A bug outside

This boy loves to hike and whenever we stumble across a warm, sunny day during winter, he is either making a dash outside or can be found standing by a window, wistfully wishing upon an outdoor adventure. Once outside, he lumbers along (sometimes with a little unwelcome assistance) with a smile on his face. He seems to have an innate, deep appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us in the great outdoors, and it's beautiful to behold.

Patiently waiting

They're ready! 

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Giant tigers are stronger

and older. We are celebrating the 5th year of life for this beautiful human being, the little man who has changed our lives, the tiger who brings the roar and energy afresh to our days. This picture of him as a 14 month old captures what words cannot. It's all still there, only bigger, bolder, better and more completely. :-) Lookout world! 

Announcement during cuddle time with Daddy (the lion): "Giant tigers are stronger than lions." This lion better start working out!   

Daddy and Mama had divergent opinions on something upon which he had queried us. After giving our input, he stated: "I'm going to believe Mommy, because I'm a wise man, like Joseph [in the Bible]." Good man. :-) 

"Madigan, what are you doing?" From kitchen: "Mama, I'm making you a fried egg and some hot tea to make you feel better ." I felt terror and delight in the same moment. His mission was (incredibly) accomplished with success (and a minute amount of supervision). 

"Mama, you do things really well. I'm so pleased with you." I live to please you, my son! 

"Where's my cell phone?" "I'm not the one who hid it." Suspect number one. 

Suspect #1
Smug Bug
Just Shmelting, again