Thursday, November 02, 2017

I don't even try...

She's got me hook, line and sinker. This dog has stolen my heart. Whenever you lose a faithful friend in a dog, it's hard to imagine that you can love like that again. We have been completely surprised by joy - immeasurable joy - that this little creature has brought to us. 

She has had big paws to fill, but she has proven herself worthy of the task and she wears Valiant's little red blanket with dignity. I do believe Valiant would approve. 

Months after losing Val, I told Krista and Lisa that I wasn't sure another dog would fit into our family well. I really wanted a dog that I could bond with (as "my" dog), but who would integrate into the family and love the boys and Daddy. I wasn't sure such a dog existed. 

Pey Pey J. Moose (i.e. Paisley) doesn't just put up with her boys who smother her with affection. She dishes right back! When they wrestle with her, she wrestles back, enthusiastically. When they throw her ball, she fetches it and brings it back. When they call her, she always comes running. When they bite, she bites back. When they love on her, she loves right back. When they get out of the bath, she re-bathes them because they need it. Yet, throughout the day, she does not leave my side. I never have to wonder where she is... I only need to look down. She helps me with every task menial or important. 

Each day she can be seen shadowing our great white dog, learning the ways of the Pyrenees, walking the fence line each morning. She takes this job very seriously, as does her mentor and it really is too much cute to watch. 

Here... a great dog who brings us endless joy.