Sunday, February 12, 2017

I will do somersaults on my bed and never go to sleep...

threatened the 7 year old when I instructed him to go to bed quietly, contrary to his express wishes. I am daily reminded that the force is strong in this one. How to guide that force in positive and constructive directions, for good and not ill... he could change the world with the abundant kindness in his heart, his ability to see what is around him and with the energy to make things happen.

He is always ready to help when he sees a task underway, or someone struggling. As we were hiking, Kelton struggled across a difficult section of the trail and Madigan rushed back to assist, stating emphatically, "Kelton, I'm a man. I will help you." No wonder his littlest brother reveres him with such fervor!

As we reminisced about the past 7 years since this human changed our world forever, the resonating theme was leadership - he is built for it. He leads with such passion and authority. My forever challenge is reminding him to respect the leadership of those around him and to consider carefully the admonishment and perspective of others - vital components to a wise man.

A second, equally compelling theme in his amazing life is compassion. He has a rare tenderness for the heart(s) of others. He profoundly shares in the joy and delight of others, without jealousy or comparison to himself. He, also, grieves alongside others, without reservation - something it seems to me is incredibly unique for someone so young. He seems to have an understanding of life that is beyond his years.

"Paugie, it's important to always do what is right, so do what I told you to do." His brothers have relatively little difficulty following his lead, as his ideas are usually exciting and adventurous, but when he digresses from leadership into being bossy/demanding, it is most commonly received with resistance or disregarded altogether with an air of disgust. I do believe his brothers will do much to train his heart in the way it should go!

Loving you, being a part of the journey that is your life, my great [little] man, is something I treasure in the deepest parts of my heart.