Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hey Y'all

The boys and I are in Texas visiting family/friends (thank you to our beloved Auntie Shelly who flew us all down here - she's totally unbelievable!) and making the most of every minute we have. I found Madigan in tears today mourning the eminent (in almost 3 weeks) return to Nashville, which will necessitate goodbyes he is dreading. I haven't seen these critters this happy or exhausted in a long time. Does the heart good! And need I mention how much I'm savoring every minute???

Here are a few photo gems thus far...

Just chillin' in Auntie Shelly's pool.


Tractor time on the farm!

Happy Paugie Boy.

Shmelty Caleb!

Brothers = love.

Hammock happiness for Jevy.

Turkeydog #1

Turnkeydog #2


"Hey there (good lookin')."

You know, baby in a bucket.

2 families. 5 years. 7 kids. Lifetime friends.

Band of bros. (I.LOVE.THEM.TO.PIECES!)

Monday, August 18, 2014

There and Back Again

My two wee(est) boys traveled to Arizona with me for a visit. It was a short trip, but full of wonderful happenings, including a two-day rendezvous to Flagstaff - a place I will always love. We savored the mountain air which smells of pine, slept in a camp trailer (my babies are champs), hiked through woods/meadows, sipped hot tea (and sippy cup milk) by the fireside and listened to the wild critters that thrive in that place. The struggle of being caught between babyhood and boyhood was apparent, in my sweet Jevy, as he observed unknown surroundings, encountered new faces, discovered the wonder (and delight) of a swimming pool, steadied his feet on the uneven ground of the woods. My beloved introvert was taxed to the max, and was a delight to behold. Kelto Shmelto just never stopped (Sh)melting everyone he encountered. It was kind of absurd, actually. He was the perfect baby - always happy, excited about everyone/everything, sleeping peacefully, and just making all things brighter by his very existence.

Travel buddies.

Arizona sky. 

Mountain meadows. 

Travel weary gem.

Gumbum and sweet cakes. 

Un"bear"ably cute. 

"bear"ly tolerable. 

Waking up in the tent trailer

Example A.

Example B. (Constant awesome)

Beloved Buni and a super cute Scottie.

Brothers reunited! 

Got his cast off and brother home! 

Never lettin' go. 

Really. Never. Letting. Go. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014


We celebrated three years since our Paugie made his appearance into our world. Mr. honey brown curls has utterly stolen my heart since the moment I first laid eyes on him (in the back of an ambulance). His tender heart is filled with so much love for his family, but the warmth of his soul touches everyone he encounters. When we're stroll(er)ing about, he is always quick to engage any new acquaintance with a rapid introduction of "his people" ("This is Bundo, Jevy, Paugie, Mummi and Shmelty Caleb"), a smile and eyes dancing in anticipation of his newly found friend's (sure-to-be) excitement in meeting the fam. He insists on thorough kisses and hugs for Daddy before letting him depart for work each day. Snuggle time is a prerequisite to any good day in Paugie-land and all boo-boos still require a solid kiss for proper healing. He's baby/boy/little man in one amazing person and what joy it will be to watch him become the man he is created to become.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A picture - sum of a thousand words

I love these crazy days.


Jibril and Kelto
His beauty sleep is working.

Kelto and his girlfriend, Ramah

He's real.

Pure delight. All the time.

Two peas in a pod. (Auntie Susan)

Charmed, (I'm sure).
So glad Endy is home.

Sweet secrets.