Monday, August 18, 2014

There and Back Again

My two wee(est) boys traveled to Arizona with me for a visit. It was a short trip, but full of wonderful happenings, including a two-day rendezvous to Flagstaff - a place I will always love. We savored the mountain air which smells of pine, slept in a camp trailer (my babies are champs), hiked through woods/meadows, sipped hot tea (and sippy cup milk) by the fireside and listened to the wild critters that thrive in that place. The struggle of being caught between babyhood and boyhood was apparent, in my sweet Jevy, as he observed unknown surroundings, encountered new faces, discovered the wonder (and delight) of a swimming pool, steadied his feet on the uneven ground of the woods. My beloved introvert was taxed to the max, and was a delight to behold. Kelto Shmelto just never stopped (Sh)melting everyone he encountered. It was kind of absurd, actually. He was the perfect baby - always happy, excited about everyone/everything, sleeping peacefully, and just making all things brighter by his very existence.

Travel buddies.

Arizona sky. 

Mountain meadows. 

Travel weary gem.

Gumbum and sweet cakes. 

Un"bear"ably cute. 

"bear"ly tolerable. 

Waking up in the tent trailer

Example A.

Example B. (Constant awesome)

Beloved Buni and a super cute Scottie.

Brothers reunited! 

Got his cast off and brother home! 

Never lettin' go. 

Really. Never. Letting. Go. 

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