Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hey Y'all

The boys and I are in Texas visiting family/friends (thank you to our beloved Auntie Shelly who flew us all down here - she's totally unbelievable!) and making the most of every minute we have. I found Madigan in tears today mourning the eminent (in almost 3 weeks) return to Nashville, which will necessitate goodbyes he is dreading. I haven't seen these critters this happy or exhausted in a long time. Does the heart good! And need I mention how much I'm savoring every minute???

Here are a few photo gems thus far...

Just chillin' in Auntie Shelly's pool.


Tractor time on the farm!

Happy Paugie Boy.

Shmelty Caleb!

Brothers = love.

Hammock happiness for Jevy.

Turkeydog #1

Turnkeydog #2


"Hey there (good lookin')."

You know, baby in a bucket.

2 families. 5 years. 7 kids. Lifetime friends.

Band of bros. (I.LOVE.THEM.TO.PIECES!)

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