Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My beautiful Devany

It's hard to express just how much delight this horse brings me. She will be three this coming May, which means SADDLE TIME! I will probably wait until August to actually ride her, since I have quite a bit more ground work I'd like to do with her pre-riding (work I haven't been able to do since being pregnant). She has her momma's sweet nature and her father's boldness, so I think she's going to be SUPER FUN to ride/spend my life with. She is incredibly curious about everything and so far I haven't found anything that she's truly terrified of (always a good thing with regard to a 1000 lb. critter that you're planning to sit on top of). Every day when I go see her I imagine what it will be like to take her on a long ride through the woods. The stuff (my) dreams are made of. :-)

(Thank you to Elizabeth Larum for the photos!)

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