Friday, March 28, 2014

Fantastic Four

These little men have captured my heart and they just keep making me fall more deeply in love with them each day, as I watch them care for one another. They grow every day - sometimes I think I can actually see it happening right in front of me - and watching them do it it alongside one another brings me so much joy. 

From today: 
Madigan as he looked at Kelton sleeping in my arms: "Oh, poor baby. He needs me." Then, once he had procured his prize into his arms: "Oh, Mommy, he's sooooooo cute." 
When Kelton and I snuggled into Paugie's tent to tuck him in for his naptime, Paugie wrapped his blanket securely around baby brother and stroked his wee head until sleep over came them both.
Jevy climbed over to the couch where I was holding baby K and threw himself on top of both us for some quality smothering and kisses. I think Kelton might have found it slightly overwhelming, at first, but he quickly adapted.  

Biggest to littlest

That tender heart

Happytown forever!

Mr. Incredible

To sleep: Fold yourself up

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Jeanniebird said...

Absolutely precious Eryn. You are a blessed woman for sure and for certain.