Monday, August 21, 2017

Mudding and productivity

I've had so much trouble focusing this week. Productivity has all but halted, but you know life has this crazy way of going on, even if our hearts, minds and bodies don't wish to participate with full gusto. These smallish humans are inspiring - truly. They never stop wanting to learn, explore new places, try something different or simply continue perfecting the skills they've already mastered. 

So we are tackling even the mundane (schoolwork, housework, grocery shopping :-) with diligence. With the energy of the boy club propelling us forward, and the beauty of the outdoors ever beckoning for us to come and see and be, we find delight in what each day holds for us. The rain and subsequent puddles that have accumulated this week have only added to our enjoyment and probably to our truck's demise (who knew mudding could be so intensely enjoyable?!). :-) 

Yes, please. 

Note the mud on those cheeks! In his element. 


teona said...

I think productivity is sometimes overrated.
Sometimes just being and feeling is what is called for. :-)

Judi Vankevich said...

You will look back on these days and smile.. and laugh... and be so grateful... many things we don't understand now... but He knows the big picture.