Thursday, August 31, 2017

Academic seasons

Started school this week. In the woods.

The little boys play while the big boys study.  My life is infinitely easier with the trinkets of the forests and meadows keeping the youngsters entertained while the big boys absorb the stuff of books. Each of them is applying himself diligently and I have a good feeling about this academic season! :-) 

As we watched the littles playing this afternoon, Madigan said, "Mama, I really love Lochlan." I replied, "I'm so glad." "No, Mama, I REALLY love Lochlan. I didn't used to like him, when we lived in Nashville. I tried to love him, but I didn't like him. Now, I just like him and it makes it so much easier to love him." The honesty of this kid is potent. Lochlan is exponentially easier to adore, it's true. The remarkable changes in him have made all of life so much brighter and filled us with profound hope.

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