Tuesday, May 02, 2017

The forest creatures play

We all congregated onto the porch, as dusk settled into the meadow. Bedtime was upon us, but we resisted it's pull because the elk had started to descend from the trees, cautiously approaching the pond in our view to see if they could safely continue. We sat huddled in a bunch, trying to be still (something impressive given the energy mass conglomurated in that space), wrapped in blankets to ward off the chill. The elk, finally convinced that they were safe, began galloping around the meadow, playing like (extra large) goats, pirouetting, rearing up at one another, and splashing into the pond. One hopped sideways down the embankment of the pond and began ferociously pawing once she reached the knee deep water, tossing her head and snorting enthusiastically. It was so reminiscent of the hilarious antics our goat herd used to entertain us with in our former life (Nashville). There was much delight, and what seemed to be pure joy in their play with one another. The more mature kept watch, but were very much engaged in the games. Eventually, they all settled into the more serious pursuit of the evening meal and meandered slowly back into the forest. 

These days, still so filled with unanswered questions and anxiety are splattered with magical moments of wonder. I watch the boys pedaling furiously down the forest roads, and there is so much energy and happiness (and sometimes tears when a hill too steep leads to a dramatic crash), it's hard not to absorb it. 

The time with family, or fellowship with those we love, is far too absent and sporadic, but when we get to partake of it, it is sweet and fills us up. If only it had no end... 

The little men in my life grow in front of my eyes, each day. They become taller, yes, but it is the maturity and wisdom I see in them that makes my heart swell. They sincerely desire to become who they are created to be, to experience what each day holds for them and to learn from every encounter in life. And, they look amazing in camouflage and mud boots - not everyone can pull that off. 

Most importantly, they love one another endlessly. 

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