Saturday, May 06, 2017

journey across the moon

After more than four years apart Fancy can finally be seen from my kitchen window. My friend - let's be real... my sister - Susan, postponed knee surgery (on BOTH knees) to journey with me to Austin, TX to pick up both of my beautiful horses. Truly, the gift of a lifetime. We relished days of conversation (MONTHS of catching up) on our journey to/from and had a wonderfully uneventful journey across the moon (Oh, was that TX? NM?) to bring the girls back home, to their Mama's arms and to the boy club that excitedly welcomed them both home. 

5:05 PM - Wednesday, my journey began. 5:06 PM - Wednesday, Fancy's journey began. Three days later, our paths finally reconnected in Austin, where we arrived within 2 hours of each other. 

The high mountain air seems to agree with them as much as it does each of us.

Fancy already has the boys doing her bidding and I think she will have them thoroughly trained in no time.

She happily obliges their greatest wishes, too, so this promises to be a happy partnership. 

Devany seems sincerely happy to be home, with her people. She nickers when she hears me talking through the windows of the house. She's always ready with a kiss and is fascinated by the smallish humans who now feed her, brush her and take care of her housekeeping. 

As we played with the horses, Fancy followed Jevy around the pen. Somehow she seems to know that he needs her/wants her. As he pranced around, he would hear her behind him, turn around and rub his hands through the soft, fluffy hair along her sides, and then press his face forward kissing her repeatedly. Then, as he wandered off, she would, again, slowly follow. No words, but there was a language spoken between them. 

THIS is home. 

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