Sunday, May 07, 2017

For the impossible to be possible

Even after receiving our "official" autism spectrum diagnosis, I have continued to feel that there is more going on with Jevy. I've been told by several doctors and many other people that it's normal for parents to be in denial about their child's diagnosis, but deep down, I don't think I've been in denial. I just think there's more going on with him and it's hard to describe. As I crawl from day to day, trying to decipher how best to parent him, how to understand what his needs are when he's unable to communicate them effectively, and how to help his brothers love him well, sometimes I feel like I'm sifting through sand, looking for a gem, in total darkness. 

After consulting with yet another doctor, we decided to have an MRI done to rule out any brain injury from Jevy's fall when he was 13 months old. We finally received the results from the MRI and it shows that he does not have any obvious brain damage (Yay!), but they discovered a massive cyst on his pineal gland, which is the probable catalyst for all his symptoms (including sleep issues, vertigo, lack of speech, crankiness, outbursts, car sickness, moodiness, various autism spectrum symptoms and throwing up). This cyst could also be creating severe headaches, which would account for the countless hours of screaming and general belligerence. 

When he fell and hit the back of his head, the gland was probably hit and the inflammation from that trauma likely created the cyst we now see. We will try to treat it with medication, first, and see how it responds. He has a chance for complete recovery, but it's all speculative, at this point. We are thankful for a diagnosis and praying for a miracle. I dare not hope, in the weakest part of myself, but I also know that where hope does not persist, people perish, so the stronger part inside me is determined to hope and to believe that the impossible is possible. 


Unknown said...

Thank the Lord. Dig to the bottom of anything. Stick with your gut because you are his voice at the moment.

Jeanniebird said...

My dear dear Eryn and Chris.... oh the gem is there. Eryn I agree with Ericka, you stick with your gut (mother's intuition). We will continue to pray and ask God to reveal in His great wisdom and knowledge to you all the answers you need.