Tuesday, May 02, 2017

The forest creatures play, Part II

More everyday enchantments: 

Mornin' coffee

Brothers who love eachother.

"Look, Mama, a cute cup! I love it!" 
Paugie, YOU are a whole cup full of cute! 

If you're going to feel icky, convalescing outside with the cool breeze and a good audio book is the way to do it. 

And the next day could be totally different! And better! 

It's important to be amazing... even when you're sleeping.

Mama loves haircut day! Note Kelty's "I love you" sign. He kills me! 

Like I said... 

There's a horse sleeping outside my kitchen window! As it should be. 

Baby porcupine we discovered in the forest. 

6 inches of adorable fury! 

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