Friday, May 05, 2017


The following are some random nuggets from the popcorn gang that I've recorded so that as the tinier details of each day slip through my memory, my lads can still go back and recall them. 

While sitting in the car waiting in traffic, I saw Madigan conversing with his stuffed Tiger. "Did you just call me daddy? Did you just call me Daddy??? Well, [thoughtful pause] I am your daddy. You may call me daddy."

Upon Ankie Tae's arrival, Madigan grabbed her hand, looked at me and said, "Mama, excuse me. I need to talk to Ankie Tae." "Okay, go ahead." "No, we're going into the other room so that we can have a private conversation. I have a lot to tell her." He has a full treasure store just awaiting her visits.

"Madigan, vehicle identification is important because that way people can find their cars in parking lots when they come out and forget where they put them. That's why they have tags on them." Paugie logic.

As he sipped the tiny cup full of Gingerale, Madigan looked up and said, "Mama, you're doing an excellent job mothering us. Really well done." A way to a (little) man's heart is...

In various moments of exasperation with these angelic creatures, sometimes I have exclaimed, "Oh, you're being a T.U.R.D. B.U.T.T.", always careful to spell out the least two words lest they begin freely using them upon one another. Recently, I overheard a heated conversation in the boy club: "No! You stop doing that, you T.D.R.B.!" Close enough.

As each of his brothers and parents fell prey to the Norovirus, Kelty (the last man standing) was left to his own devices in the role of only child and man of the house. He soon resorted to practicing vomit maneuvers in an obliging pot and got quite adept at both sound affects and barfing motions.

I chuckled to myself as the voices from upstairs belted out Johnny Cash. As I listened closer, I heard, "Don't take your buns to town, boy, don't take your buns to town." Awesome.

"Mama, I'm not tattling on Kelton, but I feel compelled to tell you what he did. I think you'll be very disappointed in his choices." Madigan logic.

"Mama, I made a hupongous train track!" "Paugie, what does hupongouns mean?" "It means bigger than huge!" Now you know. 

I thought I heard a scuffle upstairs between Kelty and Jevy. When I walked into the room to intervene, I saw two very happy babies, wrestling each other in a huge bear hug and laughing heartily. #mamashappyheart

I can see why God loves a child's faith: "God pwease hep Daddy to get a job. Hep my brudders to not be sick. Fank you for Stank and Devon [Fancy and Devany]. pwease hep Mama to know I wuv her. Jesus name. Amen." Maybe the cutest thing ever. 

When Madigan saw Kelty in his new booster seat: "Wow, baby, you look grrrrreeeeeaaaaat in that booster!"

"Paugie, come here lad." One Scottish gentleman to another. 

Daddy started to back down the driveway when Jevy dashed out the door and threw his hand up in the "I love you sign" dramatically and shouted "Daddo!" Mama melted into a puddle. 

Sometimes as we're driving, Paugie quotes tidbits of truth and philosophy. "Mama, at least goblins aren't true. They wouldn't live very well in cities. They'd probably prefer country life, but the cows might not enjoy having them around." Probably true. The horses might not enjoy having them around either. 

"I made us all tea, Mama." As I sipped the mostly flavorless tea which he had carefully poured into teacups with saucers, I inquired, "Is this decaf tea?" Madigan replied, "I'm not sure. It's the tea bags from yesterday's pot." I really did try to stifle a giggle, because his thoughtfulness in setting up tea and popcorn for his whole family is too much cute for this world to handle. 

In the scramble to get ready for our next outdoor activity, cousin Ruby shouted, "Let's get pared to go!" Madigan pulled her aside, and clarified, "No, Ruby, it's important to say it right. It's PA-pared. Say it: Papared"


Lori said...

Your stories make me cry. Your family, your tribe, your little men... all so special. Will the world ever know the things you've done to bring magic and love into their daily lives? I suppose that's not the point of it all... I see you, mama.

McBean said...

Thank you my sweet friend. You are loved beyond measure.

teona said...

My sweet niece, you do indeed weave magic with your words. In your postings you are solidifying and preserving your boys childhood memories. One day your grandbabies will read your entries, and they will be brought to laughter and tears, just as I am when I read them.