Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Stop it. Seriously.

You steal my heart, every day. That spark that is uniquely yours ignites my heart on fire every morning when you wake up and flash that smile. When I look to see you through the rear view mirror, you throw me your special three finger "I love you" sign and I try not to drive off the road. 

It's not possible that we're celebrating three years of life shared alongside you, but alas it must be true, because there is no part of this life that I can imagine without you in it. You've transformed each of us, made the sun shine brighter every day, made this family what it was intended to be, given greater meaning to everything I hold dear and filled us with so much laughter.

Happy three years to the lil hobbit. 

Just Stop it. Seriously. :-) 

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teona said...

This Aunt T does SO love that little Kelton boy!!!😘💕