Monday, October 12, 2015

Homeschool - I'm learning a lot from my 5 year old

The McGary brothers are currently on a long voyage in their fort ship, on their way to the Lone Islands, which remain to be conquered. They have been on their adventure for quite some many hours, but have returned (to land) periodically to keep me informed of their progress. Their mission appears to be a success thus far, in spite of sea monsters, sand banks, hurricanes, a broken mast and insufficient rations. Incredibly, Paugie is the captain, a role the first born is usually relegated to by default. Madigan, the first mate, is the delegate to bring word back to the mainland (mommy). There is much hugging and sadness each time they part ways from one another, and a great deal of rejoicing upon their reunion(s). Jevy is master of the wheel, and is reticent to leave his post. He occasionally will venture forth (via the slide) to assist in gathering firewood. Kelty is in a deep enchanted sleep on the mainland, so the voyagers are doing their best in his absence. Just another day "in school". :-)

In reality we are studying some things (including tedious subjects like reading, writing and arithmetic). I wrote down a few things Madigan was chatting about while I made pancakes one morning:

  • "Mama, did you know that honey badgers are nocturnal, eat honey, and that no large predator will even mess with them?"
  • "Do you think trains have auto conductors the way that planes have autopilots?" 
  • "Mama, the atmosphere is made up of gasses." 
  • "We need a space shuttle to be able to break through the atmosphere." 
  • "Be careful not to look toward the sun, or it might burn your eyes." 
  • "Mama, female lions don't have manes because their role in their hierarchical family structure is different from the daddy lion." 
  • "The eye of the hurricane is a calm place." 
  • "Dolphins can swim faster than a hurricane, but sharks can't." 
  • "Mama, did you know there are cauldrons underneath the water of the ocean that send up heat from under the ground? They're in an underscore trench where it's deep and dark. When the water gets too hot it can cause earthquakes. You can see cracks in the cauldrons. Maybe it's because the earth shifts?" 
  • "Mountains are much higher than hills. The same way that lakes are much bigger than ponds!" 
  • A few minutes later he was looking at the globe and said, "Here's Madagascar, Mama." "Madigan, how do you know that's Madagascar?" "Because it's a large island next to Africa, and it's shaped like that."
Upon pulling into the driveway this evening: 
  • "Mama, I'm glad you didn't get electrocuted when you went to shut the gate." "What do you mean, honey?" "Well, you see... I saw lightning in the sky and it is made up of electricity. If it had shocked you, you wouldn't have like it." True that. 
  • "Paugie, did you know that lightning can start forest fires? God equips us with skills to put out forest fires. And He also sends rain to help the firefighters out." 
Thank you dear five year old... I've learned a ton this week! This homeschooling thing really works. 

Too cool for school. Obviously.

Imagination, planes, rivers and dams.

Tromping through the zoo, 2 days a week.
Watching the sand barge doing it's job. 

Conversational learning - with a great listener.
Puzzle solving skills.
Equine science - learn about your horse from home.
Education is overrated. 

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teona said...

Thank you Eryn! Your posts always make me smile.......and marvel!