Monday, October 26, 2015

Master of delivery

I laid down on the kitchen floor and your tearful self melted into my arms. As you laid yourself atop me, I told you how deeply you are loved and you looked up and smiled. These usually brief encounters are nuggets of gold in a treasure chest I hold in my heart, and this was particularly meaningful because it lasted for 10 minutes. When I shifted to move, you grunted your disapproval, and snuggled closer into my neck. Careful, I may not ever let you go. 

Your bucket full of charms is well supplied and you have become a master of it's delivery. 

You take so much delight in helping where you are able: removing groceries from the truck, picking up trains, unloading the dishwasher, cleaning the bathrooms, filling up the dog's water/food bowls and vacuuming. Yeah, you might be a tiny bit obsessed with the vacuum cleaner, but it's okay... you're allowed to have one flaw.  

When I'm feeding you your bedtime milk, you let me kiss on those luscious cheeks and I make sure you get at least 100 kisses. It's the least I can do. 

Your are SO VERY OPINIONATED and there is little doubt regarding what you desire or plan. Daddy has much less hesitation about disappointing you than I do... he's not buffaloed by your antics the way Mommy is. 

You might be small(er), but you can hold your own. After you were being particularly pesky in repeatedly snatching Jevy's puzzle while he tried to master it, he gently pushed you to the floor and sat upon you to resume his puzzle task. You looked to me in protest, but seeing how you most assuredly brought this upon yourself, I left you to resolve it accordingly (which you did - moving out from underneath Jevy and pursuing a more wholesome and less irritating activity). 

Your brothers are always looking out for you, worrying about every potential danger you may encounter, assisting you on the stairs, ensuring you safely navigate the slide, sharing their snacks with you and kissing on you every chance they get. 

That spark in your eyes - it makes you who you are. Shmelty Caleb, you have made this family complete and I love every minute of you. 

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teona said...

Beautifully written. That precious boy is very blessed to have you for a mama. I love you sweet niece.