Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I smelled it and it's not vanilla

"Paugie, it is vanilla. See, here's the container. It says V.A.N.I.L.L.A. which spells vanilla." "No, it's not vanilla. I smelled it and it's not vanilla." "Paugie, here, taste it. See? It's vanilla!" "It's delicious and I do like it, but I can't eat it because I smelled it and it's not vanilla." Welcome to Paugie-land where four year old reasoning reigns supreme.

Conversation between Bundle and Paugie:
"I dreamed I was a dragon..."
"A whale?"
"Yes, I was a humpback whale and Bundle was a centipede."
"You mean, I was a squid."
"Yes, I dreamed that I was a whale and Bundle was a squid. Jevy was a lemur..."
"Jevy was a pronghorn sheep?"
"Yes, I dreamed I was a whale, Bundle was a squid and Jevy was a sheep. Kelty was a kitten. I drove Mama's car to come rescue..."
"Dragon's can't drive cars, Paugie."
Sometimes - every now and again - I crave an adult conversation. :-)

"Paugie, would you like some water?" "No, Mama, I'm not thirsty." 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1 seconds later. "Mama, I'm so thirsty. Can you get me some water, please?"

"Mama, can I have a morning mug?" "No, Paugie, because it's bedtime and it will make you pee-pee in your bed." "Whaaaaatttttt?" (tears and bluster included) "Paugie, I'm very sorry. You can have one in the morning!" "No, I will just have one tonight and when I have to pee-pee, I'll hold it until I can't hold it." Yeah... that's kind of the point.

Whisperings in my ear: "Mama, guess how much I love you?" "How much Paugie?" "More than all the leaves that are falling from the trees." 

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teona said...

My heart is melted😘. Love that Declan!