Wednesday, October 14, 2015

On Guard(ian)

As I write, my crazy white dog is lying next to my chair, head resting on her paws, eyes scanning in every direction to keep tabs on each of her boys. When Jevy disappears behind the horse trailer for longer than she expects, she lifts her head, poised to move, and as he reemerges she resumes her original pose. 

Sabina was adopted into our family 5 years ago, when she and Madigan (who were born just 4 days apart) were only 5 months old. Though her intended role in our family was to be the guardian of our goat herd, she quickly took on another, far more significant role and morphed into the Guardian of our family.

When first meeting Sabina, it's easy to note that she's loyal, vigilantly protective, and aware of her surroundings. Upon becoming her accepted friend/family, you encounter her other abundant qualities/strengths: her happy, youthful elation which sends her into bouncing tail spins (hence her nickname, Crazy White Dog), her gentle kindness to "her babies" no matter what they are presently inflicting upon her, her love of a good snuggle, the reality that she's actually a(n) (overgrown) lapdog, and her willingness to choose obedience even when her heart is really suggesting an alternative.

. She was attacked by a German Shepherd and her ACL was torn, requiring a $2500 surgery that we are unable to afford in this season in our lives. The vets have stated that without the surgery her other leg will become arthritic and deteriorate due to the additional strain. Her life expectancy will, by necessity, be negatively altered. 

Did I mention that she's a great listener? 

My mom suggested that we host a yard sale to raise funds, and, inspired by her suggestion, I am appealing to anyone else who would be interested in hosting a fundraiser yard sale/garage sale to rid yourself of unwanted items to the benefit of Sabina. I'll be hosting a sale, so if anyone local wants to donate items to the cause, please contact me. My mom will be hosting one in Arizona, so if you would like to donate to her sale, please let me know and I will give you her contact information. If anyone else would be interested in hosting a sale, please let me know. Gratefully, 

See Sabina's GoFundMe account.

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