Friday, January 15, 2021

The greatest gift we have is in each other

I lost my keys. Really, really lost my keys. Declan and I went hiking one evening and upon our return to the 4-Runner, they were completely and absolutely missing, lost somewhere on an uncharted path we had followed. We spent the next day searching, re-hiking the same route a grand total of 6 times in 30 hours. On one of these hikes, I looked below me to see Kelton and Lochlan walking alongside one another hand in hand. As I drew nearer, I overheard Kelton talking to Lochlan. 

"Lochlan, the greatest gift we have is each other. I'm so glad that I have 3 brothers and that I'm not alone. I love you so much, and I hope you know that." 
"You know Lochlan, God loves us even more than we love each other. We can learn a lot from how He loves us because we don't always show each other well. But, don't forget how much you are loved because you are my brother." 

He continued to talk with Lochlan all the way down the trail, in topics ranging from theology to Star Wars. And Lochlan laughed, answered with some very clear words including "Go" and "Ouch" when he slipped and scraped his hand.

I think there is a lot that we, as adults, could learn from the wisdom of this youth. At this time of so much unrest and division in our country, I see families, friends, co-workers, neighbors separated by ideologies, philosophies, politics, perspective and let's face it, a global pandemic. The greatest gift we have is each other. I see people look at me with fear and apprehension if I get too close to them in stores. I see people tear one another apart on social media platforms. I see nothing I believe in the mainstream media, but one recurring message resounds: we are a divided people who currently orbit around distrust (and fear?). Who gets the "final" power play and sits in the highest position? What about bettering the life of one another, loving fiercely, respecting in spite of differences, and doing everything in our collective power to make sure freedom to BE, to exist fully and most abundantly is defended and upheld? I see my boys looking to one another and being so grateful for the existence of the other and for the life that the whole (all together) creates. It gives me hope when all I see around me, outside of "my world" is ugliness.

These trees get it... they are literally intertwined, making them stronger against the forces that come against them. They are never alone.

Cousin Kaysee found a thinking stump by which to think, ponder and consider the wonder of it all. :-) 

You really can't beat the view. This is definitely going to become a favorite pondering spot.

And, miraculously, the keys were found!!! It was absolutely incredible, and we found them within 4 feet of giving up and calling it a day. I found some tracks, linked them to tracks below and found the keys between. :-)

Remember, there is darkness and brooding and it is surrounded by beauty. 

Come, walk this road with me. We do not know where it leads, but we know together we can walk it.

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Unknown said...

So encouraging. Sounds like a very good day - beautiful hike, brotherly love and keys found. BTW I love your's the only one I read. Bon courage with those 4 little men!

teona said...

YES! YES! YES! 🥰🤗😙