Friday, January 08, 2021

Magical House

I told the boys this morning that they are so fortunate to live in a magical house where all things out of place put themselves into place when no one is looking! Used tea bags magically find their way into the trash. Toys hop into the toy box. Dishes clean each other and put themselves away. Brooms dance around the house in sweeping motions tidying up the unwanted particles of filth. 

Allie, the doll, did manage to use her karate skills and successfully hide inside the couch cushions for three whole days before the magic did it's thing and got her back to her bed. Rags climb out of their drawer and clean up the copious volume of urine that staunchly evades entry into the toilet bowl. The shoes lazily sunning themselves underneath the kitchen table awaken suddenly, urged by their longing to be with all the other shoes, cantering into their designated place. The trash empties itself, because who wants to be full all the time?

The Legos... unfortunately, they are stubbornly immune to the magic. The towels fold themselves neatly and leap onto the towel racks as soon as their duties are complete. The toilet paper rolls replace themselves! The toilet seats are addicted to being closed, which, as a woman, is a luxury I can certainly appreciate (though it could be argued that there is certain adrenaline rush in the adventure of falling into the toilet bowl in the dark, half asleep). 

The beds make themselves every day, neatly folding the excess blankets and tucking in the quilts. The sneaky vacuum cleaner stealthily crawls about making quick work of what would otherwise be daunting. The washing machine and dryer gobble up all unsuspecting articles of dirty clothing, and the said articles are so inspired by the robust energy of the machines they promptly fold themselves and leap into the drawers that eagerly await their return. The dust particles that cover the piano by morning are keenly aware of the general public opinion of their presence and hence can't live with themselves, so they poof into nothingness before we even sit down for tea time most days.

How come we never see it? Because it's a magical house and it only happens when no one is looking.

At first the boys were irritated by this story of the magical house where they live, but then I reminded them that they are all a part of the magic! It is a magical house made magical by the humans it houses. 

Today, I heard them picking up a pile of toys (and other clutter) and reminding each other that it is a magical house and we want to keep it magical. :-)


Jeanniebird said...

And that dear lady was magical!

Gwendolyn1946 said...

I have to say... one of the cleverest and yes, most magical of blogs you’ve ever written! Bravo 🙌

Ginger said...

Excellent reminder to each of us that we are magically a part of our home!

denisemayen said...

Oh my goodness, how I love this!