Sunday, January 31, 2016

Visit from afar

Recently, we had a special visitor from afar. My Uncle Jim, whom I hadn't seen for many years, made an epic journey from his sunny California all the way to this (typically) dreary state and got a taste of this experience that is our life. I'm pretty certain we exhausted him beyond measure, but he was such a treat to have here. 

I was reminded of my childhood impression of this much-loved Uncle - he is filled with abundant gentleness and kindness. Watching him interact with the pack was beautiful. They instantly adored him and wanted to share their everything they love with him. 

He reflects a mind that is deeply reflective, a heart that is perceptive to the details of those around him. He sees others with a selflessness and empathy few could comprehend, I think. 

His kindness to others reflects a profound gentleness that is simultaneously and strangely complemented by courage and strength in fighting an ongoing battle with (a very rare form of) cancer. Throughout this battle he has and is persistently giving his life/energy to serving young people who are lost, hurting, and homeless, giving them hope and practical help that changes the trajectory of their lives. 

He trotted through Nashville and left a lasting footprint. 

So much admiration I have for this man, so profoundly wanting him to know the love we hold in our hearts for him, as he continues the fight. This rowdy bunch of great small people love him with enthusiasm and what a delight for them to finally know him, for themselves. 


teona said...

I just read this post here at work. And I am crying. Eryn, you epitomized my brother so perfectly. Thank you.....

Dianna said...

Eryn, I have known and loved your uncle since we were in college together. And he is just as you described him. He speaks so highly of you and his recent visit to spend time with your family. It was precious to him too. Thank you for writing about it so eloquently. Dianna.