Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Not sufficient to conquer my hunger

A few observations in 30 minutes on this snow day indoors: 

"Mama, I was dreaming that we were going to get donuts. It was such a neat dream." Hint. hint.
"Mama, I feel like I need to kiss your face." After he kissed my nose... "Do you feel better now, Paugie?" "Yes, that definitely helped."
"Mama, can you help me make a waterfall?" out of legos. You overestimate my talent, dear son.
"Here Ma!" Kelty blurted out as he proudly handed me his chewed up cereal square so that I could enjoy it, too.
Turned around to discover Madigan mopping the floor (extremely well, I might add) and Paugie vacuuming (with slightly less precision). Incredible. They are my heros!
"I think if you got a vacuum cleaner for each of your boys, Mama, the house would be much cleaner. We're a helpful bunch of brothers." Noble argument, dear boy.
30 minutes post-breakfast: "Notice that I am raiding the snack jar a great deal this morning. The dinner you served was not sufficient to conquer my hunger." You might still be confused about breakfast vs. dinner, but there are no other signs that you're only (almost) 6 years old.
"Paugie, I'm going to go out to play in the snow. Would you care to join me? It will probably be splendid. We should enjoy it before a blizzard hits." I'm not sure who's child he is. And... Nashville is known for it's blizzards. Obviously.
Looked over to see Jevy lining up his stuffed animals with their heads on a pillow and carefully covering them up with a dish towel to make certain they were warm. Then, he rescued his 3" race car with a 4" carabiner and dog slip chain attached to another 3" tow truck. The towing equipment might be a little overkill, but should be sufficient for the job.
"Madigan, where's your shirt?" "I'm just wearing my sweatshirt, because I peed on my shirt." ??? "How did that happen, exactly?" "Well, it just did. I got pee-pee all down the front." I probably don't want to know.
"Bye Dev!!!!!!!!!!" Kelton screamed out enthusiastically as we left the barn. A very loved horse, indeed.

Man at work. 

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