Sunday, January 10, 2016

Now, I do gross things

As I scraped previously chewed dried chocolate from the window of my vehicle, I laughed - I laughed because my life is so profoundly gross now.

I started my day with dirty milk cups - a lot of them - which had to be carefully cleaned in preparation for re-use.
My mid-morning included 4 poopy diapers, delivered irritatingly close to our departure to go feed the horse that is ours to love and treasure.
Cleaned out horse hooves. With a fork. Because I had one in the car and I did not have a hoof pick. "Welcome to motherhood. Improvise."
One diaper leaked whilst we went about our shopping venture.
One hot dog was dropped on the ground and promptly picked up and brushed off by myself (30 second rule, right?) and used for human consumption.
One yogurt bite included the obvious canine hair, which was not removed due to a shortage of my available fingers.
Poo (probably canine) was found on the deck and removed by none other than myself.
Child was found wading in the toilet with a great deal of colorful splatter on all surrounding objects - I had a less-than-mini emotional explosion and vigorously and overly-efficiently cleaned contaminated bathroom.
Ate leftover mac-n-cheese - from the children's plates - for lunch.
Cleaned up dog vomit (I think).
Reached hand down garbage disposal to remove toy that had been used for testing (presumably); found all kinds of woefully deplorable items included.
Mopped my floor with a baby wipe. Because it was available.
Kids in bed - grossness temporarily paused.
Got an "eye booger" from Paugie's nose stuck to my finger, via the TV remote.

Motherhood is gross. And, spectacular. Breathtaking.

Tiny moments of sunlight that I captured and am going to try to bottle from this day:
Kelty listening to daddy blow whistles through a bottle top - his smile reflecting awe and inspiration.
As he saw me this morning, Madigan exclaiming: "Mama, you look fabulous! I love your hair like that!" I shall not shower more often.
Kelty's thorough participation in Daddy's pillow fight with the boys this evening. He kept "including me" by cantering over and bopping me on the head (or computer I was typing on) with a triumphant giggle.
Jevy grabbing my hand and coaxing me into a rambunctious game of chase this afternoon - so much roaring laughter will doubtless lead to sore abs tomorrow.
Madigan quietly allowing Kelty to steal his toy - and when I intervened, his reticence to acknowledge the wrongdoing, in an effort to save his baby brother getting chastised.
Paugie's inability to wear pants - he really tries. We compromise on shorts, but 29 degree weather just seems to warrant more. This will probably be a life-long stalemate for the Schnauge and his Mama.
Kelty screaming "Mama!" in the car, with great exuberance because he wanted me to give him one of Devany's mints. I turned around to address him with alarm displayed on my face, and his earnest demand turned into a wide smile and laughter. He might blow harder than he can push.
Jevy trying to obey and follow through when I ask him to do something. He so prefers to be a man of his own mind (and agenda) and when I press him to listen and act accordingly, his mind almost visibly smokes from the inner struggle - and when he makes that final decision to obey and breaks into a smile, my heart is a puddle and joy overwhelms. :-)

So, here's to the running, roaring, and wrestling that is life, here.


teona said...

You make me smile! :-)
It bears repeating......'Someday you're going to miss this'.
Much love,
Aunt T

Sarahhh said...

whew. And just one day. :) Sleep well!