Friday, December 11, 2015

Entrusting my life to a teenager

I finally got to ride Devany this summer! I always predicted that I would start riding her as a 3 year old, but alas, her maturity dictated waiting another year. She has been fabulous in every way possible and proven herself to be a steady, reliable, and athletic equine. She is such a personable and relational horse - always whinnying at me when she sees me, including when she's standing in the horse trailer and I get out and say "hi" to her - I love it!

She questions my decisions a lot more than Fancy ever did, and will sometimes give a little squeal or kick out with her hoof if I ask her to proceed where she doesn't think we should. She always gives in, though and ultimately trusts me in the final decision(s) on things. She rarely spooks and has learned to approach anything she fears (as long as I've "got her back" and encourage her forward). 

We've mastered over 61 miles, since June, and already she's yielding to my leg aids, half halts and transitioning from gaits beautifully. She has mastered steep hills (both up and down), rocky terrain, deep mud, river crossings, and jumped over fallen trees. She has encountered 4-wheelers, bicycles, golf carts, barking dogs of all shapes and sizes, blowing tarps, rain + wind, riding in the darkness (oops), deer in the woods, coyotes and hikers. She continues to astound me! I'm so happy with her and so completely in love. :-) 

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biomcgary said...

So, would you say that she is your favorite ride, yet?