Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Female humans

(In a whisper into my ear, one evening) "Mama, I don't know which is worse. Watching Jevy get out of his bed [after you told him not to], or having to not tell you because Daddy said he doesn't want me telling on Jevy."
"Well, Bundle, aren't you telling me right now?"
"Not really because I'm just whispering and telling you about my troubles. I'm not really telling on Jevy."

"Madigan, what are you doing? You look lost in thought."
"I'm coming up with an hypothesis."
Of course you are... you're your Daddy's son.

After a long day of running errands in preparation for our long journey west, Paugie slid into my lap with his snuggle face on. I inquired, "Paugie, are you alright? Do you know how much I love you?" After a lengthy pause, he replied, "Mama, some days I feel lost without you." Little boy of mine, I will stop this world from spinning right now just to hold you and remind you that you are never lost - I'm here and my heart is yours.

As I helped him into his shirt one morning, I asked, "Madigan, how did you get those scratches on your tummy?"
"Oh, I can't say for certain... it was definitely one of my baby brothers."
"Which one?"
Hesitantly, "Probably the smallest one." Big brother loves little brother.

"Paugie, why do you need to take your shirt off? Is it because you're hot."
"No. I just choked on my milk and now I need my shirt off." I'm really trying to understand...

"Paugie, I need you take a quick shower, so please hop in."
"No, Mommy, I'm too cold and it will make me too much colder."
"Paugie, it's warm water and will help warm you up."
"Whaaaaaatttttt? I CAN'T take a warm shower because I will be so much hotter!"

"Mama, I just got eye boogers out of my nose."

"Madigan, please stop chasing your brother! He's not enjoying it."
"I wasn't chasing you, Paugie, I was chasing the bug that was trying to suck your blood." So, even if you weren't enjoying it, you should be thankful that I always have your best interest in mind. Obviously.

Conversation I overheard between Madigan and Paugie tonight: 
"Madigan, are we humans?"
"Yes, Paugie, we're humans, just a different kind of human [from Mom and Dad]."
"Yes, I know that we are different. I can tell."
"And Mama is a female human, so she's different, too."
"What about our Aunties?"
"Yes, our Aunties are all female humans as well. Aunties are humans that long to see their male human grandchildren. Well, actually, I think it's nephews they are wanting to see. I get it confused, but the important thing is to remember that Aunties are different because they are female humans and they love us terribly."

Here are a few photos from our adventure in Arizona over the past couple of days: 


Unknown said...

female humans... the best.. yes his aunties want to see him.

denisemayen said...

Oh my goodness. These anecdotes are priceless. Thank you so much for sharing your attentiveness with us--these boys are so precious!