Wednesday, February 10, 2016

One man

One man can give his talents, time and energy to the purpose for which he was created and do so much. Little man, you are such a vibrant representation of strength, enthusiasm and charisma. 

A man puts his greatest strength at God's disposal. Your ability to love fiercely, with immeasurable depth, is one of your greatest strengths. You have the strength of a lion, with the gentleness of a dove. I watch you roar (sometimes literally) around my life in a flurry of activity, full steam ahead, sometimes to the detriment of whatever may stand in your way. A moment later you are holding your littlest brother in your arms, kissing his face, stroking his forehead and telling him he's the best human. 

 Your brothers (and most everyone around you) would follow you to the moon if you said it was to be done. You hold the spark and the flames of action ignite; we all hold our breath in anticipation of what is to come (sure, it's sometimes with strains of trepidation, as we watch you test the bounds of comfort, safety, and even reason, to find the adventure that beckons). 

A man is willing to surrender something that is his in the service and care of others. You are constantly giving of yourself to your brothers and to your Daddy and me. Today, you cleaned my entire house, vacuuming, mopping, picking up the toys your brothers had scattered about, and even folding clothes. You didn't ask if I noticed, or even mention what you were doing. You did it because you love - you love so well, sweet man. Many humans could learn a great deal in observing you and the way you live the days you're given. 

"Walk softly and carry a big stick", Teddy Roosevelt once said. When you repeated that phrase to me on the trail, I was curious how you knew it. Upon inquiring of you, you said simply, "If you walk softly, the animals won't be startled by your presence and won't mind if you're sharing their woods. If you carry a big stick, you can bop a coyote over the head if it gets any bad ideas." True words, and strangely applicable to so much of life. Very observant, 6 year old.

You, my dear boy, can change the world. 

Remember to always ask of yourself whether you are using what you have been given for His purposes to accomplish all that you are able, to better your world, effect positive change and instill love in those around you. Celebrating 6 years of your life and it's abundant living! 

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