Sunday, March 06, 2016

El Tootus

I glanced in to see Madigan wrestling his littlest bro away from an "untouchable" and heard them both giggling in the process. With Kelton still firmly grasped in his arms, Madigan leaned forward and kissed Kelty, saying, "You are making a bad decision, El Tootus." 

On a dull, chilly day, I found the two eldest topless on the porch. Upon further investigation I discovered Madigan with his school scissors in his hand, standing atop a large heap of brown curls that had been cut from Paugie's hair. My initial horror was eased when I looked closely at Paugie, whose natural curls tend to obscure such mishaps. "Madigan, you should not be cutting hair without Mommy's supervision." "Mama, if we don't practice, we'll never master the art of hair cutting." "I understand that, but you need to practice with me around to help you and to show you how it is to be done." A thoughtful pause. "Well, it's hard to learn how when you're cutting my hair, because I can't see what's happening. You need to show me all the steps next time you're cutting Paugie's hair." Oh this boy who wants so much to be the master of all things that interest him. I love it. And it terrifies me. :-) 

As we sat down to pray at the dinner table, Kelty dropped his fork dramatically, smiled and grabbed our hands to pray. After we prayed, he screamed out, "AMEN!". Then, he took a  bite and grabbed our hands again, for round two. We obliged and after round four, Paugie said, "I'm done praying." 

Paugie and Madigan have been helping me dismantle our basement to make it livable space. One afternoon, after they had helped for some time, I said, "Boys, you are amazing helpers. I don't know how I would do this without you." Paugie said, "We always want to be great helpers, Mama." Madigan affirmed Paugie's sentiment and added: "We are helpful AND handsome." Obviously, I'm blessed. :-)  

As I tucked the boys into bed, Jevy grabbed my hand and pulled it to his face. I stroked his cheek and he stared at me, willing me to never stop. When my hand started to tire, he grabbed my other hand and held it tightly so that I couldn't leave even if I stopped stroking his cheek. I stayed for a little while and then told him that I love him with all my heart and that I'm so incredibly proud of him and his eyes fluttered slowly into slumber. These moments make me want to stop time - forever. 

I heard the thunder of Tiger paws coming into the room and I turned around to see a very Celtic young lad with his Irish cap and a bow tie, dressed in mismatching clothes he had put on himself, and a pair of dress shoes. His sidekick, Paugie, was trailing behind him wearing a pair of shorts (of course - pants are overrated in all seasons), a Scottish cap, no shirt and dress shoes. He handed me a bow tie and said, "Mama, can you make me handsome?" No can do! You could not be more handsome, if you tried! 

I don't understand how life can be so painful and frustrating and disappointing and heart breaking and SIMULTANEOUSLY (and almost constantly) be filled with so much overwhelming joy and beauty. 

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