Sunday, March 20, 2016

Tiny human

Two Years Ago - baby boy. Not possible!

I call you "tiny human" not because you're small (you are off the charts in every possible way, height not excluded) but because you are like a full sized human in a tiny body. You can "pack a punch" as your Ankie Tae puts it. When you were born at over 10 lbs, I was pretty certain you were trying to get a head start in this band of bros that you are such an integral part of. 

You were full of spark (I call it the "Hatcher spark", and I think you inherited it from your Great Grandpa Hatcher) from the moment you entered this world. 

Your arrival into any room unfailingly brings smiles and you have a way of capturing an audience instantaneously. 

In accordance with your track record (as an overachiever), you started walking at 9 months and were soon running along with the three you revere, never missing a stride. 

On our many hiking adventures, I've carried a back pack "just in case" but it has all been an effort in futility as you are never discouraged by rough terrain or miles ahead. You love the outdoors and you are the ultimate adventurer, much to your eldest brother's delight. 

Your bucket full of charms is always ready at hand and frequently administered to your appreciative fans. 

You've yet to encounter something you felt you could not accomplish. You are full of determination, hope, and complete excitement in all things possible. 

You love with all your heart and depend un-apologetically on each of us who love you most. You rely on each of us for strength and guidance while simultaneously walking in boldness and enthusiastically taking on every challenge you're given.

You made this family complete, Schmutz, and we are celebrating your life - you marvelous, inspiring and absolutely incredible you. With all my heart. 


teona said...

Much love to that precious boy from his Aunt T

teona said...

Much love to that precious boy from his Aunt T