Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Fancy That and Caspian

Well, as you all know, my beautiful baby had her baby! She was amazing and this baby is marvelous! He is definitely going to give us a "run for our money", quite literally. He is feisty and strong willed and he loves to run! He sometimes gets confused because he thinks both Krista and Fancy are his mommies.

Fancy's delivery was relatively smooth, though Krista and I helped her a little to get the shoulders through. From start to finish (water breaking to complete delivery) it was 10 minutes. that's a record, I think! While Krista cut the umbilical cord and dried him off, I stayed by Fancy's head and talked to her. She was very happy to lay still and rest, at that point. Then, we moved Caspian close to where she could see him and she sat up and marveled. She immediately began talking to him and licked him clean. She's the perfect mother (but then, what else would you expect from the perfect horse? :-). For more on Caspian and for photos, see Krista's blog. (There's no sense in posting them twice, right?).


Shannon Z said...

Oh Eryn, I am moved to tears! He is so beautiful! It's so hard to believe that Fancy has a son! Wasn't she just a baby herself when you were here? I remember the very first time you rode her, you were so excited. What a cute little harness!! Deanna is taking lessons, I'll show her the pics, she will just love it!

McBean said...

I know... it's almost unbelievable for me that Fancy has her own baby. She'll always be my baby. :-)

Shannon Z said...

i have an email for you but my messages always bounce back and my christmas card to you from me was returned so i guess you dont live there anymore.
i really miss you and Krysta. I'll send you a good long email when I get your addy.