Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Quirks. We all have them. Some are very pronounced and make us stick out in a crowd of "normal people", but most are fairly minor and yet distinct. I love to watch people and sometimes one of the benefits of watching people is picking up on their very unique quirks. For instance:
  1. Friend A: Does not like to receive Christmas cards with animals at the forefront of the photo.
  2. Friend B: Nibbles on his/her fingers until they are almost scabby.
  3. Friend C: Taps foot/feet "nervously" whenever there is idle time or intense conversation.
  4. Friend D: Is always moving a toe.
  5. Friend E: Cannot help but dance or sing a song for any/every possible occasion.
  6. Friend F: Sighs whenever he/she wants to make a point or give the general impression that his/her opinion differs from the common consensus.
So, here's me being vulnerable. :-) {Some of} My quirks are as follows:
  1. I love to write the number 8 (so much so that I actually say a prayer of thanks when I get to write one while at work - or perhaps that's a reflection of just how tedious my job really is :-).
  2. I count the stairs when I'm going up or down, and always hope for an even number and make sure that I can end up on my right foot (weird, right?)
  3. I rub material (usually a blanket, favorite shirt or jeans) between my fingers when I'm thinking.
  4. Hearing someone with the hiccups always gives me a laugh attack.
  5. If anything is playing out of tune, I get the chills.
  6. I could eat blackberries for every single meal for the rest of my life and never get tired of them.


pixelartist said...

Pop quiz: Can you identify one of my quirks?

kmac said...

am i friend d? :-)

Syme said...

You too?!!! I always count stairs! Though I don't usually care if they're odd or even--except that odd ones are hard to go up 2 by 2. There are 9 stairs in each flight of our class buildings, and 13 in each of flight going straight up the hill towards campus. And 7 in each flight in Olds I think?. so be forewarned: I guess Hillsdale doesn't like even numbers.

Speaking of even, though, I do insist that things are generally so, for example if you're stretching or exercising with one arm/leg you HAVE to do exactly the same thing with the other arm/leg.

Also, it's impossible for me to compose poetry or pick up a rhythm if there is, for example, a clock ticking in the room.

And it really bothers me when people misplace apostrophes.

Anyhoo. Enough of this ^_^. Off to class. Luv yeeeeew!


Shannon Z said...

Friend Z: LOVES extra protein in home cooked meals and LOVES fresh wildflowers in her salad.