Friday, February 08, 2008

Name(d) that person... what?

So, how do you like your name? If you had the opportunity, would you change it? In my job, I encounter hundreds of names each week: some common and some not quite so common. I try to be respectful of other people's names (I mean, I really like my name and I'm not sure how happy I'd be about someone giggling over it), but sometimes I cannot hide the smile that sneaks onto my face, when I encounter some of the more special names.

I have included some of my favorites below, but have only included the unique portions, in order to preserve anonymity.
  1. Crystolbol _____
  2. Duhicky _____
  3. (OK, this is terrible, but I have to include it) _____ Pornbunie
  4. Coka-Kola _____ (not kidding, people!)
  5. Itsy Betsy _____ (the last name is not spider, in case you're curious)
  6. Hollyberry _____
  7. William _____ Williamson
  8. Jeffrey _____ Jeffreys Jr. (perhaps the creativity gene was successfully bred out of that family?)
  9. April ____ Showers
Alas, that is all I can spare at the moment.

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Shannon Z said...

My grandfather was born 10th in his family. I know his siblings Maye, Hazel, Carl. They were all farmers in AL. My Grandaddy was named Billy Jim. Growing up on the farm, that was appropriate. But when he left home and joined the Military, he was given a lot of heck for it. Prior to marrying my Meema, she strongly suggested he change it, and he did. So for the past 60 years he has been William James. Recently, he went to the DMV to renew his car tags. Would you believe that with all of this modern technology, they told him that his SSN did not belong to him but of a gentleman nammed Billy Jim. His name change occured before the PC and it now has come back to bite him in the rear. He is 80 years old and is fighting the DMV and social security office to have his own SSN!!!
I myself had a namechange of my own this year. When we married, I took on the misspelled last name of Deema. Since he was here in such a whirlwind, we put that misspelling on the back burner. When my children were born, we gave them the correct spelling. So here it is 8 years later and I finally went to City Hall, paid my $35 and proudly walked out with my name correctly spelled! Poor Deema Sr. is the only one still stuck with the misspelled name :( I think I'll call you now!